Christopher Wray's Recent Evasions on Michael Sussmann Start to Make Sense After Shocking Report From Tucker Carlson

As RedState reported on Wednesday morning, the FBI was so closely linked to former Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann that it has a workspace inside of Perkins Coie while Sussmann himself held an FBI badge that gave him special government access. Perkins Coie is, of course, the law firm that represented Hillary Clinton’s campaign throughout the 2016 campaign and its aftermath.


According to the letter from Perkins Coie in response to Gaetz and Jordan’s letter, the law firm has maintained that space for more than a decade going back to 2012. Carlson claimed that the workspace was still in operation today. Gaetz claimed it was Sussmann who was also “operating this secure work environment.” “What reason would there be for that?” Gaetz asked. “And what leverage would the Perkins law firm have over the FBI, given this work they’re doing together?”

That shocking revelation was dropped by Tucker Carlson on Tuesday evening shortly after Sussmann was acquitted for lying to the FBI despite overwhelming evidence, including actual receipts, showing he was paid to take disinformation about Donald Trump to the bureau. Durham never stood a chance, though, given the make-up of the jury and the Obama-appointed judge’s behavior.

Regardless, it seems as if the FBI has a lot of questions to answer. Why would a government agency choose to continue operating inside a law firm that represented Hillary Clinton even as she was under active investigation? Remember, the FBI actually did “investigate” her over her illegal email server. Did no one see that as a conflict of interest at the time? Certainly, it was a conflict of interest to become so closely connected to Sussmann.

In other words, the FBI is not innocent here, and I believe last week’s exchange between Sen. John Kennedy and FBI Dir. Christopher Wray suddenly makes a lot more sense.


If you watch the video, what you’ll see is Kennedy asking Wray directly whether Sussmann had a badge that gave him special access to the FBI HQ. Instead of answering that incredibly simple question, Wray deflects, claiming that he can’t discuss it because it’s an ongoing case and he wants to “do things the right way.”

But what does that question have to do with the case against Sussmann, which ended some days after this exchange? The answer is that it has nothing to do with it. Wray could have absolutely answered the question without interfering in the trial but chose not to. Ask yourself why he didn’t.

In another clip, Kennedy pressed Wray on who Sussmann is and Perkins Coie. Wray again refused to answer the question, but there was one thing in his answer that stuck out to me.

I want to be really, really careful about not getting into a discussion about a case that is currently in front of a very independent and strong-willed federal judge and jury right now…

Again, nothing Kennedy is asking in any of these exchanges has to do with Sussmann lying to the FBI, therefore, it’s a stretch to suggest he can’t discuss these matters. Wray could have easily answered the questions presented to him without conflicting with anything Durham was doing.

In this final example, though, the FBI director chooses to go out of his way to claim the judge and jury in the now-completed Sussmann trial are “independent” as he mockingly smirks through his answer. It almost feels as if he knew what the verdict was going to be, or at least had great confidence in what it would be given who the judge was.


Again, ask yourself why Wray is so constantly evasive? Why does he refuse to answer basic questions that are completely within his purview? Why, after almost half a decade, has he still not truly addressed the connections between the FBI and Hillary Clinton?

I think we know the answers to all those questions, and the revelation that the FBI had a workspace inside Perkins Coie adds clear context to Wray’s refusal to be held accountable. The corruption runs deep at the bureau, and I hope Kennedy gets another shot at Wray soon. It’ll be interesting to see how the FBI director refuses to answer the questions now that he doesn’t have the Sussmann trial to hide behind.



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