The Republican Cowards Come out to Play After Roe Decision Leak

Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

I’ve written several articles in the aftermath of a draft majority decision overturning Roe v. Wade being leaked from the Supreme Court. To this point, they’ve been focused on the various hysterics emanating from the left, including from Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.


But what about Republicans? How exactly are the more establishment among us handling things? In a phrase, not well. While the usual suspects are standing tall, the cowards have also come out to play. Chief among them is Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the nepotistic scold from the fairly red state of Alaska. Here’s what she had to say.

To say I’m not a Murkowski fan is like saying I don’t enjoy being hit in the face with a metal skillet. It’s impossible to overstate just how much I think she’s a spineless weasel constantly looking to appease those who wouldn’t throw water on her if she were on fire. There’s something deeply pathetic about a supposed Republican repeating leftwing talking points about having “confidence” in the Supreme Court, just because they might deliver a decision you don’t like.


Sure, I expect this kind of junk from Sen. Susan Collins, who is equally detestable. But at least she hails from a blue state and represents a logical compromise for Republicans seeking to gain the majority in November. What’s Murkowski’s excuse? Remember, this is the same woman who tried to nuke now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination. Had she succeeded, we wouldn’t be where we are today on a range of issues. That she represents Alaska makes it even worse.

Senators from Alaska aren’t supposed to be squishy quasi-Democrats, but that’s exactly what Murkowski is. She, like others of her ilk, is always looking to lose. She sees her position in Washington as nothing more than a decent paycheck and a flash of notoriety. Murkowski has no vision or gumption, and she cares nothing about actually winning victories that could make the lives of Americans better, or in this case, actually save their lives altogether.

The GOP must purge Murkowski and those like her from the party. Yes, there can be dissent within the party. Some will be more populist while others may more libertarian, and that’s fine, but there are still lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Having a grossly pro-abortion figure as a senator from a red state is not something that should be tolerated. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a party at all? Let’s just all become Democrats, if there are to be no standards whatsoever.


Murkowski has gone so far as to praise the “Women’s March,” a rabidly far-left organization that stumps for abortion until (and maybe after) birth.

Currently, she’s in a hotly contested primary against Kelly Tshibaka in Alaska, and it’s time for the Republican Party itself to toss the undeserving incumbent overboard. Sen. Mitch McConnell needs to grow a backbone and say he’s not going to give Murkowski any money going forward. Others need to come out and endorse her opponent. Enough is enough.


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