Lisa Murkowski Makes the Case for Republicans to Primary Her

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Is there a worse Republican senator than Lisa Murkowski? Yes, Susan Collins is terrible, but she’s also from a fairly blue state so she has an excuse to be more liberal. Mitt Romney, as much as he ticks off GOP voters, typically falls in line when it comes to any real conservative question. Romney isn’t voting against a conservative Supreme Court nominee, for example.


But Murkowski refused to vote for Brett Kavanaugh and tried to stop a confirmation vote on Amy Coney Barrett. Now, she’s going to Twitter to actively support the far-left Women’s March in the name of killing babies.

This is astonishing stuff to see from a Republican.

As I said in my piece on Susan Collins this morning, the “if you aren’t going to help, shut up” principle is in play. It’s one thing for Murkowski to be personally pro-choice, as morally objectionable as I find that. But as a member of the Republican Party, there’s no excuse to go out and stump for a dumpster fire organization like the Women’s March in order to fluff pro-abortion radicals. That Murkowski chose to go out of her way to do so is inexcusable.

Alaska can do better than this, and the GOP establishment should let them. Instead of getting behind Murkowski, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Senate incumbent structure should step out of the way and let the voters have their say without undue influence. A Republican party that has no lines isn’t worthy of existing, and being a pro-abortion zealot who tries to nuke conservative Supreme Court nominees while rallying for the Women’s March is crossing more than enough lines to be disqualifying.


And to those that say she’ll run as a write-in and win again, color me extremely skeptical. It’s not 2010 anymore. Republicans are far more galvanized, and Murkowski has a long track record of spitting on her voters at this point. That won’t be rewarded this time around — nor should it be.

In short, Murkowski has to go. The GOP cannot abide a senator from a state Trump won by 10 points that can’t even get in line on the most basic issues. And yes, just so I’m clear, her pro-abortion views are abhorrent and enough alone to boot her.



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