Jack Dorsey Salts the Earth After Elon Musk Nukes Twitter's Power Structure

Today is a new day in the world of social media. For the first time since the early days of its inception, there is one platform that values free speech over political censorship. The results of that have already been apparent. On Monday evening, just hours after Elon Musk finalized his bid to purchase Twitter, several banned, big-follower accounts arose from the abyss, including Tucker Carlson and The Babylon Bee.


On the company side of things, Twitter held an emergency “all-call” in which employees shared fears of Donald Trump returning and generally expressed their irrational anxieties produced by living in a far-left bubble for so long. For the leadership on the call, the mood was somber as they announced the board ceased to exist.

Elon Musk had succeeded in nuking the current power structure at one of the world’s most powerful social media companies, certainly in regards to politics and news. What I didn’t expect was Jack Dorsey to come behind him and salt the earth.

Here’s what he had to say in response to the sale of the company he founded.

It sure is starting to feel like Dorsey was working with Musk this entire time to make this deal happen. In fact, the former openly criticized Twitter’s then-board after they executed a poison pill to try to keep Musk from buying the company. Days later, he was criticizing CNN. Given that, perhaps it was apparent prior to Monday’s sale that Dorsey was none too happy with how things were going.


Of note is that Dorsey has also made rumblings about free speech over the last several years that have rubbed the left the wrong way. It makes sense that he’d be happy with Musk buying Twitter under the guise of creating and strengthening an open, unbiased platform with fair, concise rules. In short, maybe not everyone has gone crazy?

It certainly feels like the energy has shifted. Dorsey is a man of the left, but even he seems to realize that what has been happening is wrong and unsustainable. That’s progress, I suppose.

Of course, the anger at Dorsey for daring to hold a counter opinion to the hosts on MSNBC about Musk was apparent. The comments to his thread included everything from accusations of trying to destroy “democracy” to demands that he give money to Ukraine. Yeah, I didn’t say they made sense.

Yet, it’s good to see that while the left is still beholden to a minority of mostly insane people, there are some on that side of the aisle who aren’t quite as down for the woke revolution as others. And as to whether Musk can be trusted to do what he says, keep in mind that Twitter is not currently a profitable company. I do not think he would sink so much of his money into buying it just to keep running it as a leftwing apparatchik. He didn’t get to where he is in life by being stupid.



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