Whoopi Goldberg Enters Orbit Over Lauren Boebert Heckling Joe Biden

Whoopi Goldberg loses it on Lauren Boebert after SOTU heckling. Credit: "The View", ABC

It’s not exactly news that Whoopi Goldberg is a lunatic. After all, this is the same person that was suspended from her television show for two weeks after she suggested (multiple times) that the Holocaust wasn’t predicated on race. I guess she thought Adolf Hitler just didn’t like the little hats the Jewish men wore or something? But, if you thought that episode might produce some levity in the Hollywood star, think again.


Oh, who am I kidding? No one thought that, so when Goldberg entered orbit over Lauren Boebert heckling Joe Biden at the State of the Union, it was completely expected. Here she is ranting and raving, calling the congresswoman “li’l girl” for daring to express dissent toward the president.

Imagine having to work with these people every day? I’m starting to understand why Meghan McCain jumped ship. The women left on “The View” are legitimately unstable people, and that’s vividly expressed in their rhetoric. The constant raw anger and vitriol can’t be good for Goldberg’s blood pressure, considering she’s not exactly a picture of health as it is.

Still, I think her deranged rant is instructive. Leftwingers like Goldberg view Americans as two classes of people: The elites and everyone else.

If you happen to hold a view they find unacceptable, you are cast into the outer darkness, deemed unworthy of speaking against their chosen elected officials. That’s just a profoundly anti-American sentiment, and it’s one that ignores that respect is a two-way street. Was Boebert’s outburst disrespectful, as Goldberg asserts? Sure, I’d say that’s a fair criticism, but what has Biden done to earn respect?


Let’s recall that he’s trashed Republicans as racist supporters of Jim Crow because they dared to support voter ID. When you demonize people in such a disgusting way, you are not then owed respect in return. I don’t care what office you hold.

Besides, can we talk about the hypocrisy here for a moment? These are the same women, including Goldberg, who thought it was great that Nancy Pelosi tore up Donald Trump’s SOTU speech for the cameras back in 2020. Where were “The View” hosts’ concerns for decorum and respect for the office then? They didn’t have any because Donald Trump wasn’t part of the approved class. But yell at Joe Biden for ignoring the deaths of American service members he got killed in Afghanistan? Well, then it’s time to talk about respect and decorum again. It’s all extremely convenient, and extremely partisan.

Goldberg asks of Boebert, “Who the hell do you think you are?” The answer is that Boebert is an American with the right to free speech. That right extends to heckling the president, regardless of whether one believes it was appropriate or not. It’s one thing to say Boebert shouldn’t have done it. It’s another to suggest she doesn’t have the status to question the president. That’s not how any of this works. Biden serves at the pleasure of the nation’s citizenry, for better or worse. He is not a king, and Goldberg is the last person who should be criticizing others about being disrespectful.



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