WATCH: A Canadian Reporter Gets More Than He Bargained for After Trying to Bait a Trucker in Ottawa

Freedom Convoy trucker clashes with CBC reporter in Ottawa (Credit: CBC)

The Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa and other parts of Canada (and in some cases, around the world) have garnered national attention for weeks now. As RedState reported, that culminated in a major win on Tuesday after Alberta announced it would end its vaccine mandate. Now, other provinces are following suit, as well.


Still, the Canadian government has continued to harass the truckers and others who have joined the peaceful protests. Recently, the Ottawa Police removed all fuel and propane from the convoy in an attempt to essentially freeze them out. That resulted in a mass of people bringing gas cans to help refill the supply.

Another threat that was levied included the government seizing the children who are present at the protest under the guise that they are somehow in danger. A CBC reporter tried to bait one trucker by reading the statement from the Children’s Aid Society but ended up getting a lot more than he bargained for.

That reporter then ran to Twitter with the video to try to play the victim.

What you are seeing there is righteous anger at a government that is out of control and at a lackey “journalist” who can do nothing but try to smear working-class individuals for exercising their rights. The CBC is essentially state-controlled propaganda, and Mr. Tunney is more than happy to play his part. That’s the first point of hostility here, and it’s not the fault of the truckers.

The second point of hostility is bringing up someone’s children in an attempt to lodge a veiled threat to get them to comply. Even in trying to push a partisan narrative as a reporter, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. One was crossed here when the reporter brought up the possibility of the government taking the trucker’s children on what would obviously be a manufactured pretense. That’s true tyranny, and it’s not a topic to try to get provocative with.


I believe the father responded just as any father would minus perhaps some of the word choices. You don’t mess around with someone’s kids, and while Tunney doesn’t appear to have any himself, he should respect the boundaries of parents while doing his job. What we are seeing in Canada is opening a lot of eyes around the world. Western governments have long held themselves up as bastions of freedom and individual liberty. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many of them for what they are. People are awake now, and they aren’t going to sit back and continue to take it. The Freedom Convoy is a microcosm of a far larger movement, and it’s one these petty statists aren’t going to like.


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