WATCH: Canadians Have Best Response to Ottawa's Tyrannical Edicts

WATCH: Canadians Have Best Response to Ottawa's Tyrannical Edicts
Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

Ottawa officials have been trying to crack down on the Freedom Convoy over the past few days.

They’ve declared a “state of emergency” contending that the protest was a “serious danger and threat.” The bouncy houses and free food set up by the protesters were too much for them.

We also brought you some of the crazy rantings of Ottawa city councilor Diane Deans, who is the chair of their police services board. She claimed that this was an “insurrection” and that they weren’t rural Canadians expressing their opinion about vaccine mandates — they were a highly professional organization backed by the United States trying to overthrow Canada’s democracy. That was a good one. Talk about a ridiculous conspiracy theory. But that’s the kind of demonizing going on, and it’s concerning because it sounds like a prelude to some very bad moves in the future against the protesters.

So far, they have gotten a judge to issue a temporary 10-day injunction against honking. Honking has become such a big element of the protests the convoy has also earned the nickname, “The Honkening.” So the truckers had a response to that.

There were also people moving to other types of noise-making and even playing recordings of honks since that wasn’t actually “honking.” But while there has been a lot of honking, the truckers have also tried to cut it off in the evening so people in the area can sleep.

But one of the best responses has to be to the police edict that people who aided the truckers with “material supports” — such as with fuel — could potentially face arrest. It’s not clear how that even counts as a crime and the police haven’t clarified what law this is based upon, but police seized fuel from truckers and some people were arrested.

Look at the number of police they have outfitted in some serious gear to do this against a peaceful protest.

But the people have worked their way around that as well. This is beautiful.

They’re operating under the principle that the police can’t get them all. Now some of the cans are empty, so it’s like a shell game, as they then get in the fuel that is needed. The people far outnumber the police so when there are big groups like that, the police are also not likely to want to wade into the group to find out who has the fuel.

There are reports that a judge has ordered the fuel returned to them but we haven’t yet been able to confirm that but that would be the capper on the story. We’ll let you know as we find out more.

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