SUV Rams 'Freedom Convoy' Protesters in Canada, Multiple Injuries Reported

Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

The Freedom Convoy protests in Canada, and now around the world, are only gaining steam. Thousands of people and pieces of machinery (including farmers with their tractors now) have gathered outside various legislatures to push back on ineffective, draconian COVID-19 mitigation measures.


Unfortunately, the opposition to their movement has also escalated, as cowardly government leaders target the protesters as criminals, racists, and terrorists, essentially signaling it’s open season on them. Big Tech is also getting involved, deleting event organizing pages from social media, while GoFundMe has refused to distribute funds donated for the cause.

With that kind of concerted effort to shut down the Freedom Convoy, it’s not a surprise that things would boil over into violence. In a video that appears to have been taken late Friday evening or early Saturday morning, an SUV is seen ramming into a group of protesters. Multiple injuries have been reported.

The video was captured by the dashcam of an 18-wheeler. What it shows is the driver of a white SUV (possibly a Jeep Commander) swerving out of the lane the rest of the cars are passing in and accelerating into a group of protesters. It looks like one person is completely run over, with the SUV making no attempt to stop. Amazingly, that person was able to stand up afterward.


What’s noteworthy here is that the protesters were not blocking traffic or threatening anyone. In other instances, such as during the 2020 George Floyd riots, cars were surrounded and drivers accelerated, having a right to fear for their lives. In this case, the driver was not being trapped or stopped. Rather, whoever it is chose to leave the lane of traffic and intentionally hit people.

Follow-up videos from witnesses showed police on the scene. No reports of arrests have emerged. Unfortunately, the news media in Canada appear to be operating as organs of the state. Networks like the CBC are fiercely against the Freedom Convoy and continually trash the movement. Given that, it’s unlikely we’ll get much on the ground reporting about what occurred.

It’s a waiting game now to find out exactly what happened. RedState will provide an update, if one arises.



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