Aaron Rodgers Goes There on Joe Biden in Shocking Interview

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Is Aaron Rodgers the most based person to ever play NFL QB? Probably not, given some of the crazy stories I’ve heard about some of the guys who suited up in the 60s and 70s, but in the modern era, Rodgers is certainly leading the pack.


With his first playoff game (this year) looming this weekend, Rodgers isn’t holding back in regards to the criticism he’s received for his views on COVID-19. In fact, it seems to be fueling his fire to take the NFL apart this year. Still, his latest interview is a step further than anything he’s said before and could legitimately be described as shocking.

Get a load of these comments on Joe Biden.

Right on, right on. If this were just a pandemic of the unvaccinated, ultra-vaxxed (in some cases, four jabs) Israel wouldn’t be leading the world in per capita COVID-19 cases. Clearly, this is a pandemic that is affecting everyone — because everyone can spread and contract the coronavirus. And that’s an important point to keep making; it shows that things like vaccine mandates and passports are completely useless mitigation tools. Never has getting vaccinated against COVID-19 been more of a personal decision given what we know. If you are vaccinated and eat in a restaurant with someone who is unvaccinated, there is no extra risk involved.


Rodgers didn’t stop there, either. The entire interview is one blow after another against the COVID-19 censorship regime.

Those comments are going to earn him some serious scorn from the sports media establishment, which leans decidedly to the left. But, is he wrong? Why is there such a concerted effort by the government and social media companies to censor opposing opinions about COVID-19? That effort is especially disturbing when you are dealing with objectively opaque situations, such as an athlete in peak shape like Rodgers, who essentially has no risk from the coronavirus.

There’s a reason only a handful of NFL players have even had to go to the hospital for a COVID-19 infection (most of those were players at positions where they carry excess body fat), and none of them have ended up with a severe outcome (i.e. observed permanent damage or death). Remember, there are 1,700 players in the NFL, and that’s not counting the litany of guys who were with teams through training camp and ended up cut before the season.

Yes, COVID-19 is clearly dangerous to certain demographics, but it’s clearly not dangerous to certain other demographics, at least not in any statistically relevant way (there will always be exceptions in regards to any illness). Rodgers has long ago grown frustrated with the blanket policies that have sought to silence him for making his own choice about getting vaccinated.


I guess that leads me to my last question: Has Rodgers been red-pilled? I always took him as someone with a more liberal bent, but he’s now taking shots at Biden’s vote count, a decidedly right-wing thing to do. Perhaps the last year of abuse from the left has changed his outlook? No matter what, I’m finding his willingness to just tell it like it is to be incredibly refreshing.


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