Aaron Rodgers Beats up on the Media Like They’re the Chicago Bears

(AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

Since testing positive for COVID, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers has become the sports media’s favorite piñata since the über un-PC named Atlanta Braves. Which, given that the team is still washing the champagne out of its uniforms after winning the World Series, has been quietly dropped as a topic.


The media has moved on to calling Rodgers every name in the book for, first, pursuing an alternate homeopathic method to resist COVID. It is now pillorying him for having the unmitigated gall to have a case of COVID just like the … um, fully vaccinated athletes who’ve come down with it lately.

Rodgers, much to the media’s chagrin, not only went to class when he was a Cal student but learned a few things along the way. Such as free-thinking. He brought these skills to the fore when talking to former NFL player and fellow free thinker Pat McAfee on the latter’s podcast earlier this week.

It kills the media when an athlete has the temerity to read and stuff, which Rodgers does.

As he explained to McAfee, two of the three available vaccines were immediately off the table due to an allergy Rodgers has against one of the ingredients in the mRNA vaccine variants — information taken directly from the CDC website. This left the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which, as you will recall, was shelved for a bit due to blood clot issues. For some unfathomable reason, Rodgers decided against chancing Johnson & Johnson. This didn’t leave him with many options, so he consulted with his physician and came up with the aforementioned homeopathic method of building up resistance to the virus.

Rodgers further fanned the media’s self-sparked flames by noting that he took ivermectin as part of his therapy. Never mind that there have been studies stating the drug is a safe and effective method to treat COVID, since obviously those crackpots at the National Center for Biotechnology Information — and, for that matter, the NIH — are going to throw their careers away for the sake of maybe scoring an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.


What is most likely wholly pushing sports media off the cliff is how Rodgers has accurately lumped their woker than thou act in with the typical variety, social media SJWs harrumphing harder over Rodgers than a cat hocking a hairball.

Rodgers has already provided ample examples of not caring about The Narrative, be it by pushing back against people screaming he shouldn’t troll fans of other teams or actively putting his money where his mouth is by giving his own money to small businesses adversely affected by the COVID panicdemic.

Is it any wonder the media has knives drawn against him? It will be amusing to see how the press lavishes love on Rodgers’ replacement Jordan Love, no matter how he plays tomorrow, because Pulitzer forbid, it should be evident that Rodgers is all that and a bag of chips to the NFL in general — and the Packers in particular.


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