Anger at 'Fake News' Flows After Trump Says More Have Died of COVID on Biden's Watch

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

How does a completely accurate statement become “fake news?” Apparently, the answer is when it’s Donald Trump saying something objectively true that the media doesn’t like.


That was the scene on CNN recently, where someone named Boris Sanchez (really, I have no idea who this guy is) took to the airwaves to decry a part of Candace Owens’ interview with the former president. If you’ve been following the news lately, this is one of the CNN shows that had a collective freakout over a parent saying “Let’s Go Brandon” to Joe Biden on a phone call.

Regardless, Sanchez took great offense to Trump agreeing with Owens during their interview that more people have died of COVID-19 under Joe Biden compared to Trump himself. Per Newsbusters, he angrily responded to the soundbite, complaining that it was “completely wrong” and “fake news.”

TRUMP: All are very, very good. Came up with three of them in less than nine months. It was supposed to take 5 to 12 years.

OWENS: And yet, more people have died under Covid this year, by the way, under Joe Biden.

TRUMP: That’s right.

Point of fact, that statement she made about people dying under Donald Trump versus Joe Biden, those numbers are completely wrong, so that’s fake news right there,” he swiftly proclaimed following the soundbite.


I hate to break it to Sanchez, but we’ve got a bit of a problem here because it’s not, in fact, “completely wrong.” Rather, it’s 100% true. And while this low-level, holiday host may not like the reality he’s been presented with, it’s still the reality we all exist in, at least technically.

No matter how you slice the numbers (Newsbusters breaks them down at the above link), whether you use the date the Owens’ interview was filmed or Christmas Eve when Sanchez made his statement, he’s simply wrong. More people have died of COVID-19 under Joe Biden than Donald Trump. Astonishingly, that has happened despite the former being handed multiple vaccines, far more developed therapeutic regimes, and the knowledge of what mitigation measures do and don’t work (though, the current administration is deadset on leaning into failure anyway).

But those in the press despise it when you point that out because it shows just how much of a scam Biden’s 2020 campaign was. He was going to “shut down the virus.” He insisted he had the secret sauce that Trump didn’t have. CNN and others lauded his supposed steady leadership. Yet, here we sit, with worse results under Biden than the former president.


Now, if Biden and the media had just been fair from the beginning, not assigning deaths directly to whoever the president is based on partisanship, this wouldn’t be an issue. Has Biden failed across the board regarding a multitude of issues? Of course, but he’s still not directly responsible for people dying of the coronavirus because you simply can’t stop the spread of a partially airborne virus.

Biden and the media weren’t fair from the beginning, though. Instead, they accused Trump of killing people, sometimes insinuating he did it on purpose. They wanted to play this blame game, and now we are going to play it until the final whistle, whether the left likes it or not.


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