CNN Reveals Once Again That They Are Activists, Not Journalists

CNN hosts urge viewers to cancel their Netflix subscriptions over relationship with comedian Dave Chappelle. Credit: CNN

They just can’t help themselves.

Even though they desperately wish us to believe they are authentic journalists, they constantly demonstrate they are nothing of the sort. In the latest example demonstrating that these people are more activists than journalists, one CNN host recently attempted to use their platform as part of the effort to cancel comedian Dave Chappelle and Netflix after the release of “The Closer,” his most recent performance. Guest host Boris Sanchez and his guest, Lina Bradford, a transgender actress, participated in Monday’s airing of “At This Hour.”

During the broadcast, both of these individuals pushed viewers to cancel their Netflix subscriptions for producing Chappelle’s special, in which he eviscerated cancel culture and other problematic aspects of the woke religion.

To start off, Sanchez argued that the comedian’s show was full of “insulting and insensitive jokes about transgender people,” and played a clip intended to prove his point. The clip showed Chappelle defending J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, who was in hot water with the hard left when she spoke up for the female gender. “I’m Team TERF [trans-exclusionary radical feminist] … I agree man, gender is a fact.”

After noting that Monday was “National Coming Out Day,” he brought on Bradford, asking what she wanted to tell Netflix and Chappelle. She said:

“Well, you know, Netflix, it’s interesting that they have no comment, when you know, it’s certainly okay for them to accept gay coin and have gay content and yet not be accountable for, you know, this display what we’re seeing, you know.”

Bradford continued:

“So, you know, that’s just one clip that you could show because there’s so many that are just so harmful, and it’s just like, especially as a black man, you know, we have to really have to be kind of be a united front when we have everybody else coming at us, so why does it have to continue to be in your dialogue to not only rip in, but it’s harmful what you do.”

As others on the left have done, Sanchez intimated that the jokes Chappelle made are the type that leads to transgenders being murdered or committing suicide. She said:

“Let’s talk about the data and the harm that you’re noting because the National Black Justice Coalition says that this year quote ‘is on track to be the deadliest year on record for transgender people in the United States and the majority of whom are black transgender people.'”

She continued, insisting that “people might want to look into where it is [they are] getting [their] content from,” and that the audience should “not give [their] money to a conglomerate that’s very insensitive to a community, but yet okay to take that coin.”

Sanchez responded that he hoped that he and the rest of the Cancel Culture Community™ would be successful in pressuring Netflix to end its relationship with the comedian. He said:

“And notably, there are several Netflix-affiliated artists that have now boycotted the company over their tacit endorsement of Dave Chappelle.”

The left has been going absolutely nuts ever since Chappelle’s special aired last week, and it does not seem the furor will die down anytime soon. What is even more egregious about this particular segment is the attempt to link Chappelle with the deaths of transgenders. During his special, he recounted his friendship with a transgender woman named Daphne Dorman, whom he allowed to open for him at one of his shows.

Despite the nastiness coming from the left, Dorman remained friends with the comedian, understanding that his jokes were not intended to hurt anyone. She, like many other transgenders you will likely never see in the media, took his humor in stride and understood that it was comedy.

Unfortunately, after defending Chappelle on her social media, Dorman ended up taking her own life after receiving an outpouring of vitriol from people who were angry that she would be friends with him. It is not people like Chappelle who get people killed. It is the self-righteous virtue-signaling mob that pushes people to these lengths.

Even worse is the fact that we have activist media outlets like CNN not even attempting to approach the issue with any level of nuance or critical thinking. Segments like these further illustrate that when people are watching these news outlets, they are watching activists pushing an agenda, not journalists informing their audience.


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