Check the Unbelievable 'Folksy' Factcheck on Biden Forgetting His Defense Sec's Name, Plus There's Another Biden 'Fumble'

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

How much do media spin for Joe Biden?

Let’s visit what Snopes, the ‘fact checkers,’ said about the video where Joe Biden forgot the name of his Secretary of Defense, the name of the position and the name of the Pentagon.

Here’s the video and you can make your own judgment.

As we reported, it was just scary awful that this man is in charge of so much.

But what did Snopes say about it? It declared the claim that Biden forgot the name of his Defense secretary as a “mixture” of true and false.

They basically admitted he forgot the name. So therefore it was true. But they go on to spin it. Check this out, they’re really trying hard for him. “It’s unclear whether Biden literally ‘forgot’ his defense secretary’s name at that moment, or whether, for example, he got stuck doing an extended ‘folksy’ ad lib after initially tripping over his words.”

Folksy ad lib? Hahahahahahaha. Gotta hand it to whoever wrote that, that’s some epic effort on your part.

What is that they called it? “Fumbling his words?” Well, Snopes and you other ‘fact checkers’ out there, you’re going to have to spin a lot. Because unfortunately the issue is still there and there may be a lot of “fumbling” to try to explain to Americans.

Here’s another entry from today.

What the heck did he say? I don’t even know except that Jeff Zients’ name is in there somewhere. Zients is the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator since 2021 who succeeded Dr. Deborah Birx.

Unfortunately it’s not really funny, it’s troubling that this guy is there, that the mainstream media is largely not calling this out. Also it seems like it’s getting worse and is more frequent now. But as we reported earlier, Americans are seeing it even if the mainstream media wouldn’t report on it: half the country doesn’t think that Joe is fit for the office. And as more such incidents come out on social media, they’re going to be harder and harder to spin.