Joe Biden Has a Another Nickname That Points to the Delusion That Is His Entire Career

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Joe Biden has lived quite the life, at least according to him and his handlers. Who can forget his urban experience battling a man named “Corn Pop” at the city pool? Or his time driving a truck, living among the squalor of working-America? Or his encounter with an Amtrak worker who bragged that the current president had ridden “two million” miles?


Then there was his visit to the Tree of Life synagogue following the mass shooting that took place there or the time he spent touring the border back during his days as vice president.

Now, what do all of the above events have in common? You guessed it — they either never happened, were highly exaggerated, or they lack important context that would paint things in a different light. Given that, I want to examine another claim about Biden’s past.

Some days ago, Biden was in the Oval Office and made this statement about being called “Sheriff Joe.”

The president said: “It was determined that it had less than. 2 per cent waste or fraud. I was — that’s how I became known, the president started calling me ‘Sheriff Joe,’ President Obama at the time, because I made a point every day to stay on top of how exactly the money was spent, what projects were being built, what projects were not being built and how it was functioning.”

Yesterday, Jen Psaki would double down, saying “they call him Sheriff Joe for a reason.” It was not immediately clear who the multiple people are that address him as such.


This claim apparently dates back to the Barack Obama years, where an ABC News article made mention of Obama dubbing Biden “Sheriff Joe” for overseeing the 2009 stimulus bill. But has anyone ever actually called him that in a capacity that can be confirmed? I can’t find any record of it, thus, it seems rather silly to assert in 2021 that “Sheriff Joe” is some kind of longstanding, defining nickname.

Still, let’s assume that Obama really did use the moniker “Sheriff Joe” during his time as president. Isn’t it important to note that Biden actually did a terrible job at policing the stimulus bill? We all remember the mountains of wasteful spending, and can anyone reading this name one single thing that was accomplished by the bill? I’m not saying some post offices didn’t get renamed or a road resurfaced, but in hindsight, it was clearly a boondoggle that served as a failed attempt to mimic FDR in the 21st century.

And that feeds into the point I want to make: This is all a game to Joe Biden.

The multitude of nicknames, the stories about “Corn Pop,” and the constant faux show of bravado. Biden is a man who wants his life to be a John Wayne movie when it’s more akin to a 7th grade AV project. There is nothing transformational about him, and in reality, the current president is a boring government apparatchik who has fed off taxpayers for 50 years. He’s not cool, he’s not interesting, and he’s not actually good at any position he’s ever held. No amount of ridiculous storytelling or claims of nicknames is going to change that.



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