Frank Luntz Claims Embarrassing 'Major Story' About Donald Trump and Republicans

Is some massive, embarrassing bombshell about to drop on the heads of Donald Trump and Republicans? That’s the claim by Frank Luntz, the grifting political consultant who was once a staple on Fox News.


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Per Luntz, a “major story” that will prove “embarrassing” is about to drop and it has something to do with January 20th. That claim is apparently originating with Jon Karl, yet another leftwing media hack who has decided to his allegations are so important that they can be held for a year until his book drops. Can’t you just feel the urgency?

Luntz knows Karl is a hack, but as I said, Luntz is a consummate grifter who constantly tries to play both sides. It’s not surprising he’d run to social media to tease a claim like this. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if he got paid to do so. Still, what exactly is he talking about?

We know January 20th was the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration. We also know that whatever is alleged to have happened was also done by a prior president. If any readers have any guesses off the top of their head, throw them in the comments, but I’m not gonna waste any further time trying to figure it out.


Why? Because none of this matters. This once again sounds like some inside baseball whining about Trump not following some certain protocol that will have the beltway clutching their pearls. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Americans are dealing with a variety of problems, and no one (or at least almost no one) cares about some biased journalist’s book and whatever likely anonymously sourced claims he’s going to make.

We are in the midst of an inflation crisis, a supply chain crisis, and a border crisis. Those are the kinds of things that affect the lives of everyday people. What Trump may or may not have done to hurt the sensibilities of the smart set doesn’t even register anymore. He is not the president any longer. But hey, maybe we can impeach him again? Wouldn’t that be fun?

These political consultants are so out of touch, and there’s a bit of justice in the fact that they aren’t being taken nearly as seriously as they used to be. We’ll see what Karl finally delivers, but I’ll go ahead and put my money on it being a 12-hour story.


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