Joe Biden Finally Responds to the Inflation Crisis in the Most Doddering, Embarrassing Way Possible

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As RedState reported earlier today, Joe Biden handed Republicans another gift by being completely tone-deaf when it comes to the economic crisis hitting normal Americans. That happened as the president fumbled over his words to address the inflation crisis, admitting that things are bad for middle-class families right now.


But what really struck me was not the flippancy with which Biden dismissed the concerns of people who are seeing their gas bills rise and bare shelves at the grocery store. After all, I’ve come to expect the president to be a complete joke when it comes to dealing with any crisis. Rather, it was his commentary before that which focused on what he believes is causing the current inflation.

Did he cite the government’s monetary policy? The massive spending of the last year? The supply chain crunch? Did he even bother to blame the COVID-19 pandemic? Nah, he blamed price gouging and mumbled about “anti-trust” laws.

Other countries have to be laughing their heads off as they listen to this man. Putting aside the content of Biden’s statement for a moment, he once again loses his train of thought to the point where you are left wondering exactly what he’s trying to say. He then claims that the inflation problem is being caused by price gouging and that he’s going to be looking at “anti-trust” laws to see if anything can be done. What anti-trust laws have to do with inflation is anyone’s guess, and I’m sure he has no idea either. As per usual, he’s just saying things because that’s what doddering old men typically do.


Yet, the content of his statement does matter, and it’s another example of Biden’s inability to take responsibility for anything. He, like most Democrats, is always looking for a bogeyman to blame for the results of his own policies. In reality, it is not some shadowy monopoly of business executives that is causing the current inflation crisis. Rather, it’s record-busting government spending that is crushing buying power along with a self-inflicted supply crunch that is killing middle-class America.

Instead of blaming mythical price gouging, the president should be asking whether pushing through trillions more in spending is going to make things better or worse. The answer is clearly the latter, yet he’s going ahead anyway. Why? Because none of this affects him. He’s gotten rich living off the backs of taxpayers for half a century. Biden also knows a second term isn’t in the cards. So he can sink the entire economy and crush Americans without a second thought because what really matters here is that he gets to cosplay as a “transformational” figure.


All of this is just embarrassing for a country that once stood tall above the rest. The United States doesn’t have a leader, and that’s never been more apparent than the last few days of Biden beclowning himself on the world stage.


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