The Washington Post Launches Attack on Glenn Youngkin's Underage Son in Incredibly Hypocritical Move

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Glenn Youngkin shocked the country on Tuesday as he defeated Terry McAuliffe to become the governor of Virginia, a state that had voted by 10 points for Joe Biden just a year earlier. Clearly, the press has not taken that result well, and we’ve seen some insane reactions. But it’s not just cable news hosts that have thoroughly beclowned themselves. Others have managed to mix in their own bit of hypocrisy and bias while couching it as “news.”


Case in point? The Washington Post decided it’d be a good idea to publish a piece targeting Glenn Youngkin’s 17-year-old son.

The 17-year-old son of Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin (R) tried to cast a ballot in Tuesday’s gubernatorial election twice despite being too young to vote, Fairfax County officials said in a statement released Friday…

…Chanty said in an interview with The Post that she realized who the teen was when she looked at his ID. Upon seeing his age, she said she informed him that he must be at least 18 to be eligible to vote in Virginia. Under Virginia’s election laws, the only time 17-year-olds can vote is in a primary election if they’ll be 18 by the time of the general election.

What obviously happened here is that Youngkin’s son had voted in the primary election and was under the false impression that he could also vote in the general election under Virginia’s weird age rules. But honestly, the reason he tried to vote is irrelevant. As admitted by the Post, no election laws were violated. Yet, this vindicative election official from deep-blue Fairfax County decided to go give an interview about this anyway, setting up a media attack on an underage boy.


And though the head of the elections office in Fairfax County says Youngkin’s son did not violate any election laws, the Post goes on to speculate that the case could be criminally charged, going so far as to contact the local prosecutor. They also try to paint Youngkin as a hypocrite for supporting election integrity, which makes no sense whatsoever. His son made a mistake, was corrected, and left.

Here was the Youngkin campaign’s response, which simply notes how insane it is of the Post to publish this in the first place.

“It’s unfortunate that while Glenn attempts to unite the Commonwealth around his positive message of better schools, safer streets, a lower cost of living, and more jobs, his political opponents — mad that they suffered historic losses this year — are pitching opposition research on a 17-year old kid who honestly misunderstood Virginia election law and simply asked polling officials if he was eligible to vote; when informed he was not, he went to school,” O’Malley wrote.

This entire spectacle is just gross, and it shows the double standards that Republicans have to deal with when it comes to the treatment of their families. Think about the hypocrisy on display here. The Post and other mainstream news outlets have largely ignored the scandals involving Hunter Biden, to the point of actually defending him at times — when they aren’t publishing puff pieces about his art. But when it comes to Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, they are going after a 17-year-old over a misunderstanding.


So for those of you keeping track of the rules, here they are: Talking about Joe Biden’s 51-year-old son snorting crack off a prostitute while taking payoffs from the Chinese is off-limits and an unfair invasion of the president’s personal life, but you can go after Glenn Youngkin’s underage son for…getting confused.



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