WHOA: Durham's Indictment of Steele Dossier Source Directly Implicates Hillary Clinton

Democratic National Convention via AP

John Durham’s investigation has exploded onto the scene in a big way the last month. After originally indicting Michael Sussmann, the shadowy Hillary-Clinton tied lawyer, for lying to the FBI, there was a thought that maybe that would be it. But then the indictment of Igor Danchecko dropped yesterday and blew things wide open.


Per RedState, there were some major revelations, including the fact that the FBI was aware Danchenko had lied to them in 2017. Yet, it wasn’t until Durham got involved that he was finally charged. What that tells us is that there was a concerted effort within James Comey’s FBI (and beyond if Christopher Wray knew about this) to cover up the fact that 1) the Steele Dossier was Russian-peddled disinformation and 2) that a crime had been committed involving it.

Instead, the FBI sat on that knowledge for years, letting the Trump-Russia collusion hoax fester, likely costing Republicans big in the 2018 midterms. That’s unconscionable for a government agency. Further, the media, including The Washington Post knew that Danchenko was the source for Steele going back to January of 2017. That means that while the news media were pushing “Russian collusion” conspiracies about Trump, they were aware that the real collusion had happened on the Democrat side via Steele and the Clinton campaign.


It gets worse, though. The indictment also reveals just how directly connected Hillary Clinton was to all this. In fact, while Danchenko was the “chief source” of the dossier, he does not appear to have been the originator of many of the salacious claims.

Who was Charles Dolan during the Steele Dossier’s creation? He was Hillary Clinton’s clandestine PR guy. In other words, Danchenko served as a pass-through for the Clinton campaign to funnel gross falsehoods targeting Donald Trump. From there, Danchenko would pass them to Steele, making it appear as if the claims were originating from Russia. After that, Steele would launder the lies to the media, who knew they were getting to Steele via a Russian “source” in Danchenko.


To recap, the FBI would then take the allegations seriously, including James Comey desperately trying to verify the dossier during Trump’s first year in office. When it became apparent they had been lied to, as Durham now has proven, they didn’t move to discredit Steele but kept the scam going all through the Robert Mueller investigation.

This was corruption all the way to the top, and it was a weaponizing of the federal government against a presidential candidate and eventually the president. All the while, Clinton’s campaign was at the center of it all. Will anyone directly involved with her pay a price? We can only hope. That would be true justice.


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