AOC Responds to Tuesday's Election Results and Republicans Should Thank Her

AOC Responds to Tuesday's Election Results and Republicans Should Thank Her
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

With this week’s elections in the books, some of the most surprising outcomes actually happened outside of Virginia. Don’t get me wrong, Glenn Youngkin (and Winsome Sears) winning in a state that Biden took by 10 points a year ago was huge. But in places like New York, New Jersey, and the City of Seattle, other factors played into big upsets.

One such instance involved an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-backed socialist who was the Democrat nominee for mayor in Buffalo, NY. By the time the election was called, a write-in candidate had won that race by around 20 points.

In response, AOC took to Instagram last night (because where else?) to give her take on the election results, and Republicans should probably send her a thank you card.

Let’s say that I had a propensity to ram my head into a brick wall until I developed a severe headache. Do you know what lesson I wouldn’t take from that? That I should keep ramming my head into a brick wall. Yet, AOC’s prescription for Democrats who lost this week is more cowbell. Crazy woke politics led to Youngkin’s win, among others. So what does AOC want more of? Crazy woke politics.

Truly, this is excellent news for the GOP. We’ve also seen similar double-downs in the news media and from the Biden administration, the latter of which is insisting that they just need to pass more big spending bills and everyone will love them. All of that is going to add up to an absolute wipeout for Democrats in 2022. Certainly, I’m here for it.

But getting back to AOC and this race in Buffalo, how exactly was the wild-eyed socialist who ran there and lost not progressive enough? If McAuliffe lost because he was too much of a centrist in a state like Virginia, then surely India Walton (the Democrat Socialist in question) should have walked away with her race, right? AOC like so many politicians has no ability for introspection. She’s the embodiment of that Simpson’s meme that asks “Is it me?” only for Principle Skinner to decide it’s the children who are at fault.

Yet, in reality, it is AOC, and it is her movement that is dragging Democrats down in the depths of being perpetual losers. McAuliffe didn’t lose because of a lack of progressive positions. He brought in Stacey Abrams to campaign for him. He told parents they should have no say in what is taught to their children. He embraced racial politics to the point of complaining there are too many white teachers. He followed the AOC playbook to a tee…and he lost.

Of course, who am I to tell Democrats what to do? If they want to keep going down the path they’ve been navigating, have at it. When Republicans win 40+ seats in the House next year and retake the Senate, AOC can explain to all of us how her party just needs to move further to the left next time.

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