Terry McAuliffe's Latest Move Is Desperate and Likely to Backfire

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for governor of Virginia is a total disaster, and they aren’t even pretending otherwise anymore. That may not mean defeat in the largely blue state, but it’s still enjoyable to watch the Democrat squirm. Just days ago, he got so triggered by a reporter that he stormed out of an interview with a local news station. Prior to that, McAuliffe popped off at a voter for questioning him, demanding she put on a mask even though he’s fully vaccinated.


The downturn really started at the final debate in which Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin got McAuliffe to admit that he does not believe parents should have a say in their child’s education. The Democrat has been flailing ever since.

On that note, you might recall a few weeks ago when McAuliffe was caught admitting that Joe Biden is not popular in Virginia. That was actually a factual statement, and it was smart for him to distance himself from the White House. Yet, in a move that makes no sense whatsoever, McAuliffe is now promoting a visit by Joe Biden to bolster his campaign.

This reeks of desperation. A candidate that is in a good position going into election day doesn’t have this much confusion to their campaign. If Biden is unpopular, and he is, then why flip-flop and suddenly tout his arrival? Why invite him at all?

I think the answer is simple. McAuliffe is seeing his path to victory shrink because he’s losing the argument. His only move left is to try to drive up far-left turnout in Northern Virginia in the hopes of overwhelming the enthusiasm that Youngkin has built. It’s not a terrible strategy given that Virginia is a blue state, but it’s one that telegraphs just how far his campaign has fallen.


Still, it’s an incredibly risky move and one he would not be making if he didn’t feel like he had any more options. Because Biden is unpopular, you could see this entire thing backfire. It could actually drive up turnout for Youngkin given it serves as a reminder to voters of who caused the current inflation crisis and the other economic woes tormenting them. During the 2008 election, no one brought in George W. Bush to campaign because he was unpopular and the country largely blamed him for the financial downturn. The same concept applies. Biden is an albatross for McAuliffe.

But again, it’s the only play he’s got left. He has to hope NOVA turnout is massive. If that happens, he’ll be elected governor despite all his blunders.


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