Joe Biden's Supreme Court Reform Commission Sets Democrat Hair on Fire

Remember Joe Biden’s Supreme Court reform commission? It hasn’t exactly been top of the news given the absolute implosion the administration is currently experiencing, domestically and abroad. Still, it was an important moment back in April when the president signaled a willingness to pack the courts, something he had vehemently opposed in the past. Certainly, that was the goal of most Democrats, who were more than open about the prospect both before and after the election.


Now, some preliminary notes from the commission are out to give us a look into how things are going. Surprisingly, the news is setting Democrat, not Republican hair on fire. Here’s a preview of the reaction from the left.


The irony here is so thick that you can cut it with a knife. As the left tells it, Republicans, simply by existing, pose such a grave threat to “democracy” that Democrats must…override power structures, pack the Supreme Court, and seize total control of the government? Does that make sense to anyone?

If there was ever a “look in the mirror because you are actually the bad guy” moment, this is one. Democrats, including those commenting above, see themselves as virtuous protectors of “democracy,” yet they are clearly willing to undermine founding institutions and descend into abject tyranny in order to get their way. That is the delusional paradox that feeds far-left politics not just on this issue, but every other one as well. The idea that their opponents are not only wrong but represent a dangerous evil is pervasive and that drives an unquenchable thirst for power by any means necessary.

How does a country survive when one side views the other that way? That’s a question we’ll get to answer over the coming years, one way or another.

And to be sure, these are just notes from the commission, not the final judgment. Given its make-up, including the inclusion of far-left nutjob Laurence Tribe, they may very well recommend packing the court in the end. What we are seeing here is Democrats being triggered by the mere discussion that such might be wrong. That’s a scary proposition because it truly shows they have no boundaries nor tolerance for opposing viewpoints. When one side is so viciously deluded, that never ends well for a nation.



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