One Person on Biden's Supreme Court 'Reform' Commission Confirms It's a Complete Joke

As RedState reported earlier in the week, Joe Biden’s handlers finally dropped their promised bomb on the Supreme Court (see Biden Pulls the Trigger on the Supreme Court With New Executive Order). They will be forming a commission to study supposed “reform” of the top judicial body in what is an obvious attempt to subvert the appointments made by former President Donald Trump.


But what’s really turning the entire thing into a joke is who is actually on the commission. Estimates put it at about 75-80% left-leaning as far as personalities, and other than four names, the rest appear to be academics (because Democrats tend to think we should be ruled by educational elites).

One of those academics is Laurence Tribe, a certified nutjob, in my opinion, and the opinion of many others. You can find his name listed here via the White House’s official announcement.

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Who is Tribe? Well, he’s a Harvard professor (because of course, he is) who continually inserts himself into political discussions at the highest level. Democrats love the guy because he’s always there to say exactly what they want to hear with a false air of authority due to his credentials. He’s also a conspiracy theorist who spread all kinds of nonsense about Trump’s impeachment.

Tribe, you may recall, was the genius who advised Pelosi to not turn over the articles of impeachment to the Senate. That would have accomplished nothing, but it was an open admission that the Democrats didn’t actually have anything.

Here are some more of his ridiculous statements via RedState’s streiff.


In short, Tribe is a moron. That he’s on this “reform” commission shows just how big of a joke it actually is. Further, it shows just how unimpressive our academic elites are. These are the people teaching your children at all levels of the education system, including our supposedly “top” universities.

But in the end, all of this was always nonsense. The Supreme Court doesn’t need to be reformed. It’s one of the few institutions left that still enjoys majority trust in this country. That Democrats are seeking to burn it down the moment they gain a modicum of power shows how truly dangerous they are to the country.


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