A Taliban Announcement Leaves Egg on the Faces of Diplomats and Journalists

AP Photo/Zabi Karimi

If there’s one thing the last year of Joe Biden’s presidency has taught us, it’s that we are truly led by the dumbest people. The expert class is populated with over-credentialed bastions of mediocrity that couldn’t strategize their way out of a paper bag.


And while the domestic COVID “experts” likely take the cake for being most vapid, the swath of foreign policy experts in Washington are right there in the discussion.

To set this up, remember when a suicide bomber blew up and killed 13 Americans and hundreds of Afghans outside the gates of Kabul airport during Biden’s botched withdrawal? We were told by the establishment experts and journalists alike that there was no possible way the Taliban were involved, because they were cooperative and had moderated. Further, there was an insistence that the Taliban are mortal enemies of ISIS-K, the breakfast cereal variant of the brutal Islamic terrorist organization.

Yet, in an article I wrote at the time of the bombing, I speculated that things may be much more complicated than they seem. How did a suicide bomber make it through multiple Taliban checkpoints, for example? Why did the bombing seemingly play right into the hands of the Taliban?

The Kabul airport is surrounded by Taliban checkpoints. A coordinated suicide attack did not just sneak through all that security. That this bombing just so happens to accomplish the Taliban goal of getting people to disperse at the airport shouldn’t be lost on anyone.


Well, perhaps we have something of an answer now, if this latest report is any indication.

Well, isn’t that odd? You’d think that if the Taliban were actually mortal enemies of ISIS-K, they’d be all on board with cooperating in hunting down and killing the members of the terrorist group, right? Why, it’s almost as if the Taliban aren’t reformed and ready to enter the international community. Who could have possibly saw that coming?

But, if that’s not enough evidence that the Taliban are likely not actually “mortal enemies” with ISIS, we also got confirmation last week that the suicide bomber in question was released from Bagram Air Base…by the Taliban (see Information on Kabul Suicide Bomber Implicates the White House).


Bask in the glow of your intellectual betters once again being wrong about everything. In the end, the Taliban have not moderated, they seem to be protecting ISIS, and they were even involved in releasing the terrorist who took 13 American lives back in August. It’s been a banner couple of months for the Pentagon — and Fox News’ national security reporters alike. Egg covers faces.

We are quickly getting to the point where you can simply take what an “expert” says, assume the opposite, and be right more often than you are wrong.


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