Sec. Mayorkas Demonstrates His Absolute Cowardice in Front of Congress

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Day three of “whip-gate” is upon us despite the fact that we’ve had all the facts concerning the outrage since the moment it started. Border Patrol agents on horseback were doing crowd control and twirling their reins, a taught technique to keep illegal immigrants from getting too close and being harmed by the horses.


Yet, because everything must be turned into a racial issue these days, the media immediately ran with the false narrative that white guys on horses were whipping black guys. “It’s just like slavery,” they screamed from their primetime TV slots.

But while that kind of ridiculous outrage was expected from the low-intellect crowd in the national media, what was far worse was the fact that the White House didn’t come to the defense of the CBP agents involved. Instead, they’ve been playing into the false narrative from the beginning, likely seeing it as a useful distraction from the actual humanitarian disaster at the border they’ve caused.

Today, DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas continued to slander the Border Patrol, this time in front of Congress in what can only be described as a gross spectacle.


This is total cowardice. Those CBP agents report to Mayorkas and were just doing their job. They were following policies overseen by DHS that are in place to actually keep the illegal immigrants safe. For Mayorkas to not forcefully defend his agents by explaining to Congress exactly what happened is just sick stuff. He knows the facts. He knows that crowd control is necessary when you have tens of thousands of people crossing the border illegally at one geographical location.

Further, Mayorkas knows that a rein being twirled is nowhere near the most important issue at the border right now. Yet, this absolute political hack is playing into the media’s narrative precisely because he thinks it will protect him and Joe Biden from their failures. There’s being cynical and then there’s whatever that is.

Those CBP agents aren’t robots. They are people with careers and families. To drag them through the mud while knowing they did nothing wrong is pathological, but nothing about this administration surprises me anymore.

Later, Mayorkas also mentioned “domestic terrorism” because citing non-existent threats to distract from real ones is what the federal government does at this point.


It’s so prominent that most people probably can’t even name the last “domestic terrorist” attack that took a life. And good luck even defining domestic terrorism in this case. It seems to be a label the government applies when convenient, not when factually necessary.

While I don’t doubt there are some crazy people out there, it’s clear that the “threat” posed by them is incredibly overstated to the point of absurdity. Thousands of people a year die in gang-related killings. How about doubling the number of investigations on that front instead of continuing to obsess over so-called “violent extremism” that hardly ever seems to materialize.

But I digress, Mayorkas is unfit. He has no business holding the role he holds, and his betrayal of the law enforcement officials who serve him proves that.


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