Joe Biden Infuriates Over Labor Day as American Hostages in Afghanistan Languish

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Over the weekend, it became clear that Americans are being denied the ability to leave Afghanistan as the Taliban continue to try to extract concessions from the State Department. While some in the media decided to play semantics and defend the terrorist government, normal people called it what it is, which is a hostage situation.

Of course, what is occurring was not unexpected unless you went to a prestigious university and work for the Biden administration. As I wrote weeks ago, a hostage crisis was inevitable the moment the Taliban announced they were calling the shots on the evacuation deadline. Abandoning Americans behind enemy lines sealed the deal.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden remains on vacation. So what’s he up to? Well, when he wasn’t at his Delaware home for the umpteenth time since taking office, he made a public appearance to…hand out sandwiches and “selfies” to union workers.

Honestly, this is infuriating. It’s one thing to be the Commander in Chief and to screw up, admit it, and work to fix the issue. It’s another to pretend like nothing even happened and that everything is just great. Joe Biden has not taken a single question since the hostage situation came to light. Almost a dozen planes holding over 100 Americans are not being allowed to leave Afghanistan by the Taliban.

His State Department has continually downplayed it, claiming there’s little they can do as if they bear no responsibility, and the president is handing out sandwiches to big labor while yucking it up for selfies. It’s a disturbing disconnect. Why is Biden even in Delaware right now given everything that’s going on? Shouldn’t he be running things from the White House, acknowledging the crisis he’s caused?

And the media are not helping. Instead of holding the president to account, they are blacking out almost all coverage of what’s happening. If this were happening on Donald Trump’s watch, the negative coverage would be on 24-hour repeat. “The cruelty is the point” they’d be screaming on their six-person analyst panels. Further, impeachment would be the talk of the town the moment Americans were left behind.

There are a lot of double standards in Washington that make normal people want to pull their hair out. But I believe this is the worst example. Americans are literally in danger, trapped at an airport and unable to leave a country ruled by terrorists because the administration failed. And the President of the United States gets to laugh it up while taking selfies, not only avoiding major criticism but avoiding even having the situation on the ground acknowledged.

Pray for those this country has abandoned. They need it.