Joe Biden's 'Historic' Afghanistan Evacuation Turned Into a Sex Slavery Market

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

While the Biden administration, including the Pentagon, continues to tout last month’s Afghanistan evacuation mission as a historic success, the realities of what transpired have painted a decidedly different story. Clearly, the fact that an ISIS suicide bomber, seemingly let through by a Taliban checkpoint, killed 13 American service members sits at the top of the list of failures.


That’s far from the only issue with the administration’s plan (or lack thereof) and execution, though. For example, it turns out that we only evacuated around 8,500 SIV holders and their families, calling into question exactly who we did evacuate. Further, a new report from CNN of all places has revealed that the evacuation devolved into a sex slavery market as women entered into forced marriages in exchange for the promise of rescue.

The sources said that some Afghan women and girls housed at one of the evacuation centers in the UAE reported that their families had forced them into marriage outside of the airport in Kabul so they could escape the country as the Taliban seized power. In some reported instances, families paid men eligible for evacuation thousands of dollars to marry or pose as husbands for women to flee.


Omri Ceren, an advisor to Ted Cruz, calls for mass resignations, but that’s obviously not going to happen. If the blood of American service members spilled by the insane decision to outsource security to the Taliban, a terrorist government, wasn’t enough to get any combination of Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin, Jake Sullivan, and Antony Blinken to step down, nothing will be. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t, though.

But as Ceren points out, this is also evidence that the vetting process was an absolute joke. Men were literally able to take payment for women being forced into sex slavery within hours of being evacuated and no one checking the paperwork seemed to care. That means they either turned a blind eye or that they weren’t even actually checking the backgrounds of these people to even notice what was going on.

None of this is surprising, though. We saw the country of Libya descend into a literal modern-day slave state after the Obama administration orchestrated the overthrow of Muammar Ghaddafi. Unintended consequences are a constant when it comes to Washington’s foreign policy smart-set, though, that’s not an excuse for what occurred.


This is why a real investigation into the administration and how all these decisions were made is needed. Obviously, the Democrats in Congress won’t move on that. But Republicans should have a long memory after they likely retake the House. Biden’s incompetence is one thing, but his senility obviously wasn’t the only factor that led to the disaster that unfolded (and continues today as Americans remain abandoned to the Taliban).


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