Pentagon Presser Blames ISIS for Suicide Attacks and ISIS Confirms, Releases Picture of Bomber

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

A short briefing at the Pentagon just occurred, with Gen. McKenzie, U.S. Central Command, confirming that 12 U.S. service members were killed by today’s suicide attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan.


In prepared remarks that seemed almost dismissive of the loss of life at times, the administration attempted to paint the attacks as baked-in while touting the supposed overall success of the mission.

McKenzie also seemed to dance around the fact that we are trusting the Taliban. While he admitted there was a failure, he seemingly still placed his trust in the terrorist organization to provide security. Several times, the mantra that the mission will continue was repeated with the assertion that more attacks are likely coming. When pressed on what measures were being taken to prevent future loss of life, the general actually said they would be reaching out to the Taliban.

McKenzie also assigned blame for the attacks, saying they were carried out by ISIS. While there are some questions about how a car bomb made it through Taliban checkpoints without coordination, ISIS itself has now taken credit, confirming the Pentagon’s assertion.


Lastly, McKenzie indicated that future military action is not imminent in order to respond to the attacks and loss of American lives. Instead, he spoke of asking the Taliban to close down roads, confirming they will continue to run the security operation outside the airport.

It appears the White House is going to double down here on their current, failing plan. The president is now scheduled to speak at 5:00 PM Eastern today. We’ll keep you updated on what Biden says.


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