Joe Biden Meeting With Family of Slain Marine Does Not Go Well

President Joe Biden has begun to meet with the families of the 13 US soldiers who were murdered by a terrorist suicide bomber in Afghanistan. That tragic event unfolded after the State Department and Pentagon inexplicably relied on the Taliban to secure Kabul and access to the airport gates.


But recent events have called into question whether the “empathizer in chief,” as the media have often dubbed him, has truly shown the level of care required. As RedState reported, Biden snapped at a reporter yesterday trying to question him on Afghanistan, walking off in a huff. Afterward, while at Dover AFB to receive the bodies of those killed, the president appeared to check his watch at one point.

Now, he’s beginning to meet with the families, and it apparently isn’t going very well.

This is a very sensitive topic, and I’m not here to dunk on Biden for screwing this up. What I will say is that someone in his condition may not have the ability to handle these tenuous situations. While I know losing his son Beau was a life-changing event for the president, continuing to repeat that experience in a scripted fashion is not the proper response here. These families understand that everyone, not just Biden, has lost a loved one. What they want are answers about why the president made the decisions he made that led to the deaths they are now personally bearing.


Beau Biden did not die in combat. He died of cancer many years after being deployed as a lawyer in Kosovo and Iraq. The Marines and Navy corpsman that died in Kabul died on duty, murdered by terrorists we enabled after abandoning Bagram Air Base (thousands of ISIS-K prisoners were released from the prison there). Biden needs to focus on that, not make this tragedy about himself, even if he’s doing so unintentionally.

Worse, some are now trying to smear the pregnant widow in question. I won’t get into the details as I don’t want to give the ghouls any oxygen, but I’m sure you can guess what major topic right now animates so many on the left.

Regardless, Biden needs to understand that these families largely blame him for what happened. Their sons and daughters were left exposed and reliant on the Taliban. That is not what the families of soldiers signed up for when they entrusted their children and spouses to the US government. That’s the major scandal here, and it’s why so much anger exists. The president would do well to understand that and to actually apologize for his part in all this instead of turning the spotlight back on himself in these meetings. After that, we can talk about what’s next, with resignation being the most proper course.



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