Biden Calls Black Advisor 'Boy' in Incredibly Odd Exchange

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

When Joe Biden isn’t offending the family members of fallen soldiers, he’s apparently making racist comments about his advisors. But was it intentional? That’s gonna be up to your interpretation of the clip I’m about to share with you, which shows Biden calling Cedric Richmond “boy” in an incredibly odd exchange.


And honestly, I think there’s more here to note than just the casual racism.

Before Biden even gets to his slip of the tongue, he’s already struggling. I think he set a world record for most “uhs” in a 30-second span as he almost forgot his FEMA chief’s name again. It’s legitimately painful to watch, and none of what you are hearing is the result of a lifelong stutter, though, I’m sure his defenders will claim that. Prior to the last couple of years, Biden never had this kind of trouble speaking, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by those willing to pay attention. This is a man who can’t mentally handle the job he’s been handed. That becomes more and more obvious with each passing day.

Then we get to Biden’s use of the term “boy” to describe Richmond. I’ll make an attempt at being charitable and suggest that perhaps he meant “and boy he knows” instead of “and boy who knows.” Of course, the latter is what he actually said, and had this been a Republican down to dog-catcher, charges of racism would be flying right now.


But the senility is the point here.

It’s not that Biden is purposely trying to be racist. I don’t think he is in this instance. But that’s because I’m not even sure he knows what he’s saying at any given moment. Rather, I think he just has no filter because he’s a mentally decrepit old man who shouldn’t be president. It’s common as people age for them to use terms from their younger years that are no longer politically correct. Most people have had an 80-year-old uncle say something quasi-racist while not even realizing he’s doing it. Perhaps that’s what happened here? Or maybe Biden’s brain just melted and he mixed up his words completely?

Either way, it shouldn’t make anyone feel good about the fact that Biden holds the office he does.


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