Jen Psaki Gives a Master-Class in Cowardice at Press Briefing

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A few days ago, Nancy Pelosi was asked by a reporter from CNS News whether she believed a 15-week-old baby in the womb was a human being. Such a basic question should be answerable by anyone who has thought through the issue of abortion, especially those that have decided the act is somehow morally acceptable. Yet, Pelosi dodged the question, unable to even admit the reality of the position she holds.


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Now, the White House is getting in on the act. A reporter asked Jen Psaki today what Joe Biden’s answer is to the same question Pelosi was posed. Her answer was a master-class in cowardice.

After Psaki completely, falsely reframed the question, the reporter wasn’t given a chance to follow up so perhaps push-back was otherwise imminent. Regardless, what was actually asked is if Biden believes a 15-week-old fetus (a word that literally means baby) is a human being.


Being able to answer that question is fundamental to understanding what a person who supports abortion is actually supporting. Is a human life being snuffed out when a woman has an abortion? The scientific answer is clearly yes. Science tells us that life begins at conception, and by 15 weeks, the baby is very much its own unique human being. There is no magic fairy dust that turns an unborn baby into a “human being” the moment it’s born. It was always a human being, and anyone denying that is denying objective reality.

Regardless, as much as it pains me to admit, we live in a country where people can still choose to support abortion despite the realities of what is occurring when the procedure is done. What those people don’t get to do is invent an alternate universe where the implications of abortion simply don’t exist. That’s what Pelosi and Psaki (answering for Biden) are trying to do. They want to legalize scrambling kids in the womb while at the same time refusing to stand behind what they are supporting. It’s the most cowardly position someone can take in this debate. As perverse as it is, at least abortion supporters who readily admit that abortion kills another human being are being honest and owning what that means.


In contrast, most Democratic politicians want to toe a line that doesn’t actually exist, claiming to be “devout” Christians (specifically, Catholics in this case), while at the same time not having the spine to admit the reality of what they are cheering. There’s something uniquely evil about that, and Psaki shows us that in spades in this clip.

I hope the news outlets that have dared to press Democrats on this keep the pressure on. Make these weak, pathetic politicians own what they support, down to every last, horrific detail.


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