Jen Psaki Descends Into Absolute Delusion When Asked About the Border Crisis

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While I’ve been assured by CNN’s resident media hack that Jen Psaki is a refreshing bastion of truthiness, the White House Press Secretary’s penchant for lying and obfuscating is enough to make Jay Carney blush. That the press refuses to hold her accountable doesn’t change the reality of the words that exit her mouth.


Today may have set a new bar, though. Psaki was asked about the current crisis at the border. Her response descended into absolute delusion.


Fact-check: False.

Just how out of hand is the situation at the border?

Does it sound like the Biden administration has a handle on the situation? The number of migrant children illegally crossing the border is now at an all-time high. Even during the worst throes of the border crises during the Obama and Trump administrations, things never got this bad. The situation has deteriorated so much that they are having to bus 3,000 migrant teenagers up to Dallas, TX to stick them on cots inside a convention center. If Trump had allowed matters to get this out of hand, it would have been called a human rights catastrophe.


Yet, Psaki can’t even call it a crisis, much less admit that the current administration is now completely overwhelmed. And to be clear, this is a crisis of their own making. This is what happens when you cancel effective policy and enforcement mechanisms to virtue signal to the far left. While rich, white liberals will feel better about themselves up in New York City, the humanitarian toll thousands of miles away is only getting worse.

Biden’s biggest blunder, by far, was ending Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy. It served as a bulwark against those coming to cross the border illegally, believing that they can simply claim asylum after they are caught. By rescinding that, Biden put out a giant rhetorical welcome mat. Now, thousands of women and children will end up dead and/or abused over just the next year due to Biden’s cowardice and inability to stand up to the radical elements of his own party. That’s not even considering how many men will be killed, brutalized, extorted, and used as drug mules as well. Every left-winger is compassionate until reality punches them in the face.

Joe Biden’s administration has been a complete failure to this point. Their only “victory” has come in the form of expanding the welfare state by spending other people’s money along a party-line vote. Gas prices have exploded, the border is a mess, and our military is more concerned with being woke than defeating China. But at least we don’t have mean tweets. Maybe the electric company will accept that as currency.




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