The G7 Has Been a Perverse, Disgusting Display

The G7 has been a disaster for Joe Biden and the United States. The president has projected weakness, both as a nation and personally, in ways that are hard to fathom. This is a guy who can’t even do a joint presser with Vladimir Putin because he’s afraid of being shown up. Biden mixed up Libya and Syria three times, got lost and had to be rescued by his wife at one point, and had to have Boris Johnson correct him in one of the more awkward moments of the week.


But there was more to learn from the G7 than the fact that Joe Biden is senile. As an overall event, it was also a perverse, disgusting display of elitism and we need to talk about it.

Why do all the G7 leaders love Biden, something the American press has been squeeing about as if it’s a killer brag? Because he is allowing them to go back to what European leaders do best — cosplaying as tyrants with the financial backing of the United States.

In fact, the United Kingdom just extended their lockdown by over a month while Boris Johnson hobnobs at a resort, yucking it up with other leaders who also have their countries in lockdown. The opening introduction ceremony (see the featured image of this article), where the leaders virtue signaled by standing socially distancing and refusing to shake hands looked like something out of a low-budget, dystopian film. These are people so disconnected from reality that they would get confused trying to get out of the shower. The G7 is a different world than the nations these people left behind, and that’s a feature, not a bug for our elite.

While many Europeans may be supremely impressed by all this, I think most Americans recoil at leaders pretending to be royalty, flaunting their own rules, and generally projecting weakness to enemies of freedom everywhere. Putin and Xi Jinping have to be laughing their heads off at their good fortune, and that’s reached the point where it’s dangerous.


If the United States had a president capable of doing their job, Germany would be getting pressed on why they are building a pipeline to Russia, handing German energy independence to a country that the U.S. taxpayers are paying to defend them from. Instead, we got more rantings about nebulous climate change and a ridiculous declaration to have an “investigation” into COVID’s origins led by the World Health Organization, an outfit that has previously lied multiple times to cover for China. These are the leaders of the free world, and none of it is fine.

These people play-act as serious people but they are nothing of the sort, and it is not “progress” that the Obama-era status quo has been restored. Former President Donald Trump was right to put pressure on G7 leaders during his time in office. Yes, he made them uncomfortable and resentful, but he also made them accountable, and that’s far more important than pleasantries and walks with the Queen.

NATO, for example, should not just be a “sacred duty,” something Biden asserted this week. Rather, every NATO country should be expected to not only do their part financially but to also respect the United States’ interests given we pay the lion’s share of the bill. Instead, they spit in our face, doing deals with Russian and Iran while demanding we still pay for their defense. Again, it’s perverse.


The G7 is a joke. Elitism is not flattering, and it’s not leadership. A U.S. president with any courage whatsoever would stand up to this and fight for American interests. Instead, Biden doesn’t even know where he’s at half the time, dutifully bending the knee the other half. None of this is going to work out well, here or across the pond. The backlash is coming.


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