Watch: MSNBC Has a Tyrannically Insane Plan for Republican Congressional Members

Watch: MSNBC Has a Tyrannically Insane Plan for Republican Congressional Members
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MSNBC is hardly the place to go for sane, measured political commentary, and there was certainly none on tap in a conversation that took place on Chuck Todd’s ridiculous incarnation of Meet the Press.

Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI flack who once suggested a “bi-partisan” commission pick presidential candidates instead of voters, said to Todd that the government needs to start arresting Republican Congressional Members because they represent the “command and control element” of whatever non-existent bogeyman they are freaking out about at this moment.

Figliuzzi, naturally, received no pushback or perplexed looks at his insane suggestion.

Isn’t it just a little scary that this cartoon villain was once a high-ranking official at the FBI? Do they even attempt to vet their employees for genuine crazy over there? I think we know the answer to that given the last several years.

Regardless, this all goes back to January 6th, a disorganized, short-lived criminal action at the U.S. Capitol Building stemming from a larger peaceful protest that resulted in a police officer killing a trespasser, some bumps and bruises on both sides, and a lot of pictures posted to social media by stupid people. While the media originally claimed that a Capitol Police officer was killed, that turned out to be false.

In the grand scheme of things, January 6th was far more about bad optics than actual danger. There was no real “coup” attempt nor did the trespassers do much of anything inside the building except yell and walk around. Again, for the social media censors out there, I’m not saying what happened wasn’t bad. It was harmful garbage perpetrated by a bunch of conspiracy-minded morons. Yet, it is obvious that if more damage wanted to be caused, it could have been.

But the bigger issue here isn’t recriminations and descriptions of January 6th. Rather, it’s the fact that it’s objectively not even the worst mass criminal action of the prior year. The BLM riots caused billions in damage, resulted in dozens of deaths, and generally disrupted the lives of thousands of residents and business owners. So why exactly are people still obsessing over the former?

We know why. This is all about politics, and now we have a mainstream news channel suggesting that Republican politicians were some kind of command unit for what happened and that they need to be arrested as a result. Think about how tyrannically insane that is. These dictatorial clowns now want to arrest their political opponents based on nothing more than conspiratorial hysteria.

This is exactly why Republicans were right to block the so-called “January 6th Commission” in the Senate. Democrats don’t care about actually learning anything here. Rather, they see January 6th as a way to destroy their opponents and push through more of their radical agenda. Do not give them what they want. Instead, ridicule their idiocy and keep pushing back.

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