No One Cares About Your 'January 6th' Commission

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With the economy floundering, inflation on the rise, a border crisis that keeps getting worse, and a new war in the Middle East going on, Democrats are attempting to seize on the last thing they really have left prior to the 2022 election season. Namely, they are pushing a “January 6th” commission in which they hope to offer recriminations of Republicans for the unrest at the Capitol earlier in the year.


Let me offer this rebuttal: No one cares.

There is nothing more useless and lacking in impact than a partisan “investigation” into an issue that seeks to tarnish one side of the political aisle. And while Republicans are possibly going to participate, if for no other reason than to be there to rebut, make no mistake, this is a partisan exercise. There is nothing left to be discovered by Congress in regards to January 6th, nor do they have the capacity to discover anything anyway.

Law enforcement have already arrested hundreds of people, mostly on low-level trespassing charges. We know there was no grand plan, there were no deadly weapons (outside of someone arrested with a gun that evening who may have not even been there), and that despite the accusations of “insurrection,” what largely transpired were selfies and angry yelling, even as the morons in the crowd clearly had the chance to cause more damage. If there was any true attempt at “overthrowing our democracy,” it was the worst attempt in history. That’s not a defense of what happened, but a recognition of reality. What was done at the Capitol was a disgrace perpetrated by idiots, many of who seemed to be legitimately mentally ill. Trying to turn that into a legitimate coup attempt, though, is gaslighting.


Meanwhile, back in the world the normals inhabit, inflation is out of control and the economy is stagnating. Every restaurant I’ve gone to the last two weeks have raised their prices. Gas is skyrocketing for the first time in many years thanks to Biden’s terrible energy policies. Everything from groceries to home building supplies to cars have increased in price dramatically over the last several months.

Now, do you think people dealing with that stuff care about seeing Chuck Schumer virtue signal over January 6th? Do you think there’s any real contingent of voters who aren’t already committed Democrats who are sitting on pins and needles, waiting for the Senate to issue a “report” on the matter? The answer to those questions is no, in my opinion.

Further, the idea that any of this will have an impact on the 2022 election is wishful thinking by partisans who are desperate for an issue to deflect from the current administration and Congress’ failures. Voters aren’t going to care about Liz Cheney, and they aren’t going to care about this worthless commission.



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