MSNBC's 'Expert' Deep Stater Makes Insanely Authoritarian Suggestion About Picking Presidential Candidates

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What could possibly go wrong?

MSNBC’s resident “legal” expert who served under James Comey as Assistant Director of Counterintelligence, Frank Figliuzzi, went on Stephanie Ruhle’s show today to spout one of the more insane ideas I’ve heard in regards to reforming elections. According to Figliuzzi, what we really need is a commission of elites to pick our candidates for us. That way we don’t make the “wrong” decision.

You can just see the arrogance on this guy’s face. He states “we got this wrong” and that it can never happen again, as if his opinion and those of our precious elites are somehow more valuable than that of the American people. Ruhle would go on to not even blink at the suggestion that an un-elected, hand-picked commission be used to essentially weed through the objectionable candidates that MSNBC and the like wouldn’t approve of. You know what that sounds like? It sounds an awful lot like the “end of democracy” the media keep crowing about. Who are the real authoritarians here?


But this attitude is pervasive within our bureaucracies. Figures like Figliuzzi embed themselves as careerists with fat pensions and then attempt to impose their will on the country. They truly believe they are smarter than everyone else. That anyone with these kinds of views and contempt for the citizens he was ostensibly serving could go on national TV with a straight face and say this is disturbing to say the least. Imagine what this guy was saying and doing behind closed doors. If there’s any mystery left to how the FBI decided it was acceptable to target Donald Trump in 2016 and into 2017, this should answer it. The culture of corruption within these agencies is widespread. It’s not just the leadership either, which has become a common cop out over the years used by some on the right.

The media and the insanity they produce are absolutely the biggest threats to our republic, and I’m not even sure it’s that close anymore. At least with China, we can see it coming. But these media outlets are subversive and hide behind the shield of impartiality. Meanwhile, they are fomenting insanely authoritarian ideas while accusing others of their own sins. There’s no doubt in my mind that most personalities at MSNBC would jump at the chance for a commission to disqualify Donald Trump. The problem is that such a move would be deeply un-American and damaging to everything this country stands for. They don’t care though. Politics is simply a means to and end for these outlets. Enemy of the people indeed.


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