National Geographic Vomits Cringe Everywhere as They Go Good and Fully Woke

AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

Woke performance art has become a staple of our current mediasphere. But while it’s largely resided in political venues, National Geographic is now getting in on the act.


They released the results of their “Race Card” project, which sought to ask people to describe feelings on race in six words. As you can imagine, the victimhood was through the roof, and in some cases, appears to be patently ridiculous.

Here are a few examples.

The man in the picture above who describes living in a “white world” and being “exhausted” is from Ethiopia (or at least his parents are), a third-world country in Africa devastated by poverty and violence. Instead of showing any gratitude for the country that took his family in, gave him an opportunity to go to college, and to clearly move into a solidly middle-class lifestyle, he trashes it as a “white world.” There’s something about that kind of attitude that will just never sit right with me or many other people. Part of my family came here from the Middle East so I have personal experience with this dynamic and I just couldn’t imagine having that kind of attitude.

Also, note how vague the claim of a “frightening encounter” with police is. Was he pulled over? Was he detained? Did the police actually do anything wrong or were they just doing their jobs properly? If you are going to use that as a reason to paint the country as a “white world,” then at least explain yourself. Besides, this claim by people that they are literally “exhausted” by some nebulous racism they claim engulfs their lives comes across as overly dramatic. I’m sorry, but if you are “exhausted” because you think you live in a “white world” while going to college and finding a better life escaping from Ethiopia, seek professional help. You need it.


Then there was this cringe-fest of a post from a white lady.

Do you know who should be ashamed of their ancestors if we are going to play this game? Everyone who is a member of every race. The facts of history are simple. Just about every nation, people group, etc. that existed prior to the 20th century has committed widespread atrocities in some form or another, from Colonial Europeans to Native Americans to Asian Imperialists to African tribes. Again, if one wants to denounce things their ancestors have done, go ahead, but this idea that evil is exclusive to Anglican descent is just ahistorical nonsense.

But let’s move past the overly wrought woke-ism on display here because I want to make a broader point. When you inundate people with a constant stream of racial politics, people start to tune out. When literally every month, and sometimes every day, has some new racial grievance that must be “dealt” with, it is human nature to become numb to the barrage. Learning about history and observing it is certainly healthy and proper, but every perceived slight is not worthy of a so-called “reckoning.”


National Geographic is just the latest in a long line of woke performance art from various media outlets and it’s just overwhelming at this point. No one is paying attention anymore outside of the left-wing Twitter. I would posit that’s actually bad for the recognizing of actual wrongdoing in the nation’s history.


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