National Geographic Kicks Off 2017 Rejecting Science By Promoting Transgenderism

As we’ve seen over and over, science just isn’t that important to the “party of science.”

Many on the Left openly deny the beginnings of life and the science of conception. To assign personhood to the unborn would completely undermine abortion. They just can’t have that.


Another popular denial has to do with gender and the biological categories of male and female. Especially this year, transgenderism has been pushed as something that is both natural and worthy of praise.

It’s no surprise that The National Geographic Society, which is not exactly conservative, would promote transgenderism, too. The January 2017 issue of their magazine is entirely devoted to gender, and what did they choose for the cover photo? A boy who believes he is a girl and lives as a girl.

The boy on the cover is Avery Jackson, a nine year old from Kansas City.

Avery spent the first four years of her life as a boy, and was miserable; she still smarts recalling how she lost her preschool friends because “their moms did not like me.” Living since 2012 as an openly transgender girl, the Kansas City native is now at ground zero in the evolving conversation about gender roles and rights.

Attempting to normalize that which is not is always dangerous. When young children display behavior which should be addressed instead of encouraged, the adults in their lives have failed them.


The grown-ups talk about it—but kids like Avery want to have their say too. “Nine-year-olds can be impressively articulate and wise,” says Theresa Betancourt, associate professor of child health and human rights at Harvard University. They face increased peer pressure and responsibility, she says, but not the conformity and self-censorship that come with adolescence.

Along with the January issue, a documentary featuring Katie Couric will push the trasngender mantra, too.

…Katie Couric Media, along with National Geographic Studios, are joining forces on two-hour documentary Gender Revolution (working title), billed as an “unflinching look at the role of genetics, brain chemistry and modern culture” on “gender fluidity.”

The term “gender fluidity” refers to a gender identity which varies over time and shifts between masculine and feminine. In other words, it’s a modern term designed to normalize that which is not. Reality is you’re either male or female as established by your biological building blocks.

It’s sad, but not surprising, to see National Geographic go out of their way to promote transgenderism. I’m guessing they just want to jump on that bandwagon, too. Left-leaning organizations, publications, politicians, and celebrities attempt to push transgenderism into the sphere of normalcy because feelings – and not facts – are king.

The January issue calls it “gender revolution”, but there is nothing about the established categories of male and female that need to be redesigned. Despite attempts to change and redefine masculinity and femininity, the truth remains.

Unfortunately, National Geographic would rather promote a lie.



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