A Democrat Completely Gives the Game Away in Quasi-Genocidal Memorial Day Post

On Memorial Day, you’d expect to see posts honoring fallen American soldiers from political figures. Instead, a Democrat decided to dabble in some kind of quasi-genocidal call to replace Republicans so the country can turn into a utopian dream.


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Dreamers gotta dream, I suppose.

Now, what is truly ironic about this is that when Republicans point out that Democrats seek to replace traditionally conservative American voters via artificially boosted demographic shifts, specifically with immigration, they get called racist. There was a recent freak-out involving Tucker Carlson over that point. Yet, it is the left that has promoted “demographics is destiny” as a rallying cry going back to the Barack Obama years. Sites like The Washington Post drooled over the idea. Heck, they even wrote books about it.

Given that, it should be no surprise that they still subscribe to the idea that they can win elections by simply replacing enough Republicans down the line. But don’t you dare point out what they are telling you they are doing and attempt to fight back, you dirty racist. See how the game is rigged?

Of course, this guy’s post is delusional. Utopias don’t exist, and what he’s really stumping for is the disappearing of Republicans so the United States can become a bad imitation of European malaise.


Actually, I’m probably being too kind.

Yeah, that’s probably the more likely scenario. I mean, look at the out-of-control inflation we are already experiencing. Throw in another half a dozen trillion in federal spending and it’s just a matter of time before toilet paper is worth more than the dollar.

This whole thing does give you a window into how the left views anyone on the right. You are not a person to be compromised with to try to maintain some semblance of the American way of life. Rather, you are a person to be exterminated, if not physically, than politically so the left can cosplay as saviors.

They truly believe that if the GOP weren’t around, things like “climate change” would magically not be an issue and everyone would have infallible healthcare along with a “living wage.” Democrats don’t live in reality, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them seriously because they are going to do everything in their power to change that reality.


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