Adam Kinzinger Is Finally Pressed on Democrat Anti-Semitism

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One of the things about Never Trump super-star Adam Kinzinger, who is also ostensibly a Republican, is the one-track on which his focus always travels. Joe Biden can do just about anything and it won’t elicit much of anything from him, but let a Republican stub their toe, and Kinzinger will be there to lecture them on the virtue of walking.


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That dynamic was shown again yesterday, when Kinzinger was pressed on the anti-Semitism of the so-called “squad,” which includes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and most recently, Cori Bush.

Notice how the tone changes the moment he’s asked to condemn a Democrat.

While what is certainly offensive? Kinzinger can’t even be bothered to make his condemnation directly, and the language he uses to describe Rashida Tlaib lying about Hamas and spreading a Jewish blood libel is as tame as it gets. Is AOC calling Israel and “apartheid” state anti-Semitic or not? Are Ilhan Omar’s false accusations that Israelis murder children anti-Semitic or not? It’s not a coincidence that Kinzinger refuses to call out those people directly as being anti-Semitic.

Also, not that this clown had no problem losing his mind over Marjorie Taylor Greene making a misguided Holocaust comparison last week. He was all ready to comment on that to the first camera that he could get in front of, but let Democrats continue to perpetuate real anti-Semitism, and Kinzinger is nowhere to be found. Very convenient, right?


We all know why he’s doing this. Kinzinger knows that if he goes after the squad with any real condemnation, his MSNBC hits will dry up, and he can’t have that. After all, his entire identity is wrapped up in being the “good Republican” who Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow approve of, at least until he steps out of line.

Kinzinger is not principled. Rather, he’s a political coward who cares more about building his brand than truly calling out things that are wrong. His obsession with turning everything into a commentary on Republicans and Trump is not virtue. It’s purely opportunism. As long as the cable news hits keep coming, Kinzinger will keep playing his role.


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