Flop Sweat Builds as the Left Suddenly Decides Cancel Culture Is Bad

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

I’m happy to inform you that the left may have finally figured out that cancel culture is bad, and you can smell the flop sweat building as they realize the alligator they’ve fed is now beginning to gnaw on their leg.


MSNBC’s chief crazy person, Joy Reid, took to the air last night and perfectly personified the sudden shift we are seeing.

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Wait, was Reid under the impression that “journalists” were part of some special class that didn’t have to live by the same standards they’ve perpetuated? Because that’s not how any of this works. Further, it seems legitimate to me that a supposed hard news outlet would have a problem with one of its reporters being a rabid partisan in public, but maybe I’m just into “consequence culture” now, a common retort from the left when anyone on the right complains about cancel culture. Besides, Wilder didn’t just say stupid stuff. She was part of an anti-Semitic organization.

But Reid is right about one thing. Cancel culture is generally bad, which is why conservatives have been begging the left to stop using it for years. They refused, again, using phrases like “consequence culture” to dismiss legitimate concerns. When Republicans got canceled, no one batted an eye. Now that a few people on the left end up in the crosshairs, we are supposed to call a cease-fire? That’s not going to happen. The best way to stop this stuff for good is to let the left suffer the effects of the illiberalism they’ve birthed and stoked. Perhaps some hard lessons will be learned?


Regardless, it’s absolutely satisfying to see figures like Reid do an about-face after praising and supporting cancel culture prior while it was targeting their enemies. Part of critical thinking is being able to understand the long-term consequences of one’s actions. The left, including Reid, had no foresight, and they will pay the price for that going forward. You can sense how nervous they are that the alligator they fed and cared for could turn on them next. They’ve lost control of the ship they once commanded, and there’s little they can do.

And let’s be real. No Republican really believes the left would stop using cancel culture if unilateral disarmament took place. Thus, the war must continue until the woke, left-wing partisans that make up much of our journalist establishment decide they are ready to tap out.



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