Meghan McCain Bows to Cancel Culture, and It's Absolutely Disgusting

(Lou Rocco/ABC via AP)

Meghan McCain is a big talker online, presenting herself as a fiercely independent and conservative figure. Apparently, she’s not so big when the cancel culture vultures come calling, though.

McCain, who is one of the hosts on the far-left show The View, has issued an apology for once saying that she didn’t have a problem with Donald Trump saying China-virus. She also unequivocally stated that Trump’s “rhetoric” is a big reason for the increase in crime against Asian-Americans.

Actually, there’s a heck of a lot of doubt surrounding her assertion that “racist” rhetoric, i.e. the use of the phrase “China-virus,” has absolutely anything to do with any current attacks against Asian-Americans. In fact, while hate-crime statistics don’t break down the specifics, you can look at overall crime statistics and see that black on Asian crime is way out of proportion to other races. Further, you can look at local reporting in places like New York and San Franciso and see that the majority of crime being committed against Asians is certainly not coming from white Trump supporters. It’s just an asinine assertion on its face.

Are we really to believe the black men punching Asian ladies in NY are taking cues from Trump? Further, the beginning of this spike predates the pandemic, which includes Trump’s targeting of China for unleashing the coronavirus on the world and lying about it in the process.

What McCain is doing here is just disgusting. It’s taking a serious issue and boiling it down to nonsensical partisanship in order to appease the woke that were coming after her. It’s basically throwing people she ostensibly claims to be allied with under the bus to save her own skin. With friends like that, who needs enemies, right?

There is zero evidence that any anti-Asian attack in the last several months has been spurred by something Trump said. Not a single assailant has made that claim. Those are the facts, and I can’t provide a link because I can’t prove a negative. It simply hasn’t happened.

What does appear to be happening is an uptick in minority-on-Asian violence that was starting to happen before COVID was even known to exist. As NPR notes, crime is also up against white and black people, though, which means this new “spike” may be the product of overall crime rising. Regardless, for anyone to give in to the narrative that the current rise is somehow the fault of Republicans who said China-virus is a terrible bit of disinformation.

Honestly, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. ABC pays wells, and I’m guessing some threats were levied behind the scenes. But while money is a strong motivator, it doesn’t make what McCain did here any better.