It's the 1970s Again and Not a Mean Tweet in Sight

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

As RedState reported last night, we are now experiencing major gas shortages in the United States due to a cyberattack the Biden administration is brushing off as a “private sector” issue. I guess the fact that gas had already risen by over a dollar in the last six months wasn’t enough pain?

Welcome back to the 1970s.

This latest blow came after Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline and numerous federal leases that allowed drilling for oil and natural gas. Energy prices are skyrocketing, and it’s the poor and middle class that are being hit the most.

Meanwhile, all that peace in the Middle East is evaporating. In the latter years of the Trump administration, major peace accords were struck between Israel and the Arab nations while the Palestinian and Iranian leadership were marginalized as the terrorist entities they are. That’s over, as well. Isreal has now absorbed over 160 rockets in the last 24 hours while the mainstream media pretend retaliation is the real problem. The Biden administration’s response to the chaos — relative silence mixed with a touch of both sides-ism.

The comparisons to Jimmy Carter don’t stop there, though. We’ve also got out-of-control inflation going on. If you’ve been to a grocery store lately or eaten out at a restaurant, you’ve almost certainly noticed the uptick in prices. Prices on commodities such as wood and steel have blown through the roof, making it almost impossible to build housing right now.

But honestly, to be fair to Carter, at least he didn’t take over the country in the middle of a recovery from an artificial depression caused by government shutdowns. All Biden had to do was stay out of sight, eat his pudding, and let the economy do what it was already doing. Instead, he shoved through an unnecessary $1.9 trillion “relief bill” that included massive unemployment enhancements all the way until September, knee-capping the recovery, killing job growth, raising the cost of living on everyone, and crushing small businesses that can’t get people to work.

A three-legged dog could have been elected president in 2020 and done a better job with the economy than Biden has done so far.

Of course, if things weren’t bad enough, we also have a raging crisis on the border.

Biden’s response has boiled down to simply not admitting there’s a crisis. Facilities are overflowing, illegal immigrants are being let go without even being given a court date, and the drug cartels are thriving. All of this is a result of Biden nuking the Remain in Mexico policy and announcing he’d “surge the border” with asylum seekers if elected president.

I won’t even elaborate on the fact that many people reading this can’t even get their kids in school because Biden has so completely bungled our coronavirus response. Perhaps it’s fitting that this creepy photo was released recently.

But hey, I’ve got some good news – there’s not a mean tweet to be seen.

Donald Trump has been reduced to releasing written statements that get users banned if they share them, and isn’t that truly enough to get us through these tough times? I mean, sure, your savings are evaporating due to inflation, you can’t afford to gas your car up, your grocery bill has exploded, and the Middle East is on fire again, but the decorum we are currently experiencing is just invigorating, right?

All of this was preventable, but shallow, cocktail circuit dwellers in the beltway thought it better to promote a “return to normalcy” that has been anything but. Joe Biden’s administration isn’t even six months old and it’s already an abject disaster. Actually, we’d be lucky to just end up with Jimmy Carter’s second term at this point