Trump Shows How Stupid Our Foreign Policy Establishment Is After Brokering Historic Arab-Israeli Deal

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President Donald Trump speaks during a briefing with reporters in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Yesterday, a groundbreaking agreement was reached between Israel and the UAE to normalize relations and form a much sought after Arab-Israeli alliance. Shortly after, the countries of Oman and Bahrain followed suit, further cementing the foreign policy victory for President Trump, who had made this a center piece of his administration’s foreign policy.

Laughably, Joe Biden tried to take credit for the deal, claiming the Obama administration “laid the groundwork.” That’s completely false, as Biden as Vice President sought to coddle Iran at all costs, alienating the Arab nations and making any progress impossible.

Regardless, it’s worth looking at some of the hot takes made by our foreign policy establishment, namely those from the State Department. Take this pronouncement for example. This guy is not only a former diplomat, he also teaches at the Harvard Kennedy School, which is ostensibly a school that produces “experts” on government policy.

To be clear, the above view was absolutely widespread at the time Trump was looking to move the embassy. It was even pushed by some “conservatives” who found the need to oppose the President simply because he’s Donald Trump. To this day, liberal outlets and diplomats still suggest it should be moved back to Tel Aviv. These are also the same people who insisted Iran was the country to run Middle Eastern relations through.


In reality, moving the embassy to Jerusalem had the opposite effect. By showing the Arab world that Israel wasn’t going to bend the knee to Hamas’ demands anymore, it took a major pressure point off the table.

Davidson nails it. As per our usual arrangement, this all comes back to Iran. Because the Mullahs back Hamas and constantly target Israel, any move to take power away from them is opposed by the foreign policy establishment. The status quo is the Iran deal and sending pallets of cash to the terrorist supporting nation. Trump having the guts to flip the script supremely ticked off most careerists at the State Department. That he’s actually succeeded now makes them even angrier.

As David Reaboi pointed out yesterday, our supposed foreign policy “experts” are mostly just ineffective and stupid.

There are a lot of things I worry about when it comes to the possibility of Joe Biden becoming president. Chief among them is the awful foreign policy he espouses, a foreign policy that has led to nothing but ruin and failure for his four decades in public life. The same ineffective idiots who couldn’t get an Arab alliance done over the last decade and thought fluffing Iran was the way to go will be put right back into positions of power. You can guarantee that Susan Rice will be back on the job, this time probably as Secretary of State. It would be an absolute disaster.


I’ll end with this. Let this be a lesson to every conservative who thinks any careerist at the State Department should ever be defaulted to. There was a lot of consternation early on by some on the right that Trump wasn’t listening to the “experts.” In truth, the experts are mostly just overpaid, know nothing academics who wouldn’t know good policy if it punched them in the face. The less power they have, the better.

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