The Daily Caller Shows Why We Need a Moratorium on White, Liberal Women

(AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Name a more parodic demographic than white, liberal women. It can’t be done. I mean, any group that consists of Jennifer Rubin has got to be questionable, right?

The Daily Caller recently put out a video that drives that point home perfectly. The topic covered is rioting in relation to the supposed social justice movement that has ravaged cities across the country, leaving death and destruction in its wake. The responses that are shown by the interviewer come from black Americans who actually live in these areas and white, female liberals in left-wing enclaves.

See if you can spot the difference.

If you watch the video, what you’ll see are black residents decrying the looting and destruction as harmful and counter-productive. What you’ll also see are white, liberal women proclaiming that rioting is good and necessary to attain racial equity or something. I didn’t insinuate that it would make sense, only that it would be absurd.

Of course, the difference here is that the black residents in the video have to actually live with the consequences of what happens in their communities. If Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters loot a grocery store or burn down a police station, they don’t get punished. But the people left behind have to deal with businesses leaving their area and increased crime.

Meanwhile, your average white, liberal woman is middle-class or higher, puts her pronouns in her bio, and wants you to know that she’s really, really down for the cause while she sips her wine and eats her $20 avocado toast. She knows the unrest will likely never make it to her area so what’s she got to lose? She’s not racist and she wants you to know it.

That disconnect is how you get the idiocy of actively promoting riots that hurt the very people they claim to care about.

It’s long past time we had a moratorium on white, liberal women, at least until we can figure out what the heck is going on. The destruction they are causing to the country via their rhetoric and voting patterns has become untenable. People are getting hurt out there. Heck, I’ll even compromise by saying they can keep their cats in the meantime. Deal?