Iran Rejects Joe Biden's Advances, and the White House's Response Is Pathetic

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One of the cornerstones of Joe Biden’s campaign, to the extent that one existed, was a commitment to re-enter the disastrous Iran Deal. The foreign policy blunder, which served as a payoff to the Iranian Mullahs, was nuked by former President Donald Trump because it became clear Iran had no real intention of abiding by all the terms.


With Biden taking office, the flirtation with the Iranian regime began in earnest. After Iran-backed militias attacked U.S. forces in Iraq, Biden blew up some empty trailers and killed 22 Syrians in an attack on a sovereign country. It was a classic CYA moment, in which the current administration wanted to look like they had responded while making sure the Iranians knew it was all theater.

Despite his best efforts, though, Biden’s advances were rejected yesterday, and the White House response is absolutely pathetic.

Imagine leading an administration so weak and ineffective that Iran, which had been completely marginalized the last four years, can punk you a little over a month after taking office. What’s there to be “disappointed” about? That we couldn’t fly some more pallets of cash to the Mullahs in exchange for false promises and more terrorism?

Of course, we all know what’s going to happen. The Iranians are playing hard to get because they know Biden is absolutely desperate for a deal. If they smack the president around a bit and embarrass the U.S. on the national stage, it’ll only get the Mullahs more of what they want in the end. There’s no downside at all to rejecting initial talks and making Biden bend the knee even further. And no doubt, he’ll be more than happy to oblige them in doing so.


The return of Ben Rhodes’ dumpster fire foreign policy dressed up as serious business has been a depressing, yet completely expected development. There’s a reason the Europeans are so thrilled with the current and coming changes, including our subservient posture toward Iran. They know we will once again play the sucker while they benefit financially.

The latest “intel report” implicating Saudi Arabia, which is really just a rehash of prior analysis, is also part of all this. Trump accomplished peace deals in the Middle East that figures like John Kerry said were impossible. The Saudis were a big part of that. Instead of building on those undeniable successes, Biden is flailing about for a reason to make Iran the centerpiece of the region again. At some point, the press should probably start asking why.




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