Should Police In Blue Areas Reconsider Being Police as Body Cam Footage of 15-Year-Old Shooting Goes Viral?

Yesterday, RedState reported on an officer-involved shooting in Columbus, OH. A 15-year old, black girl was shot and killed, immediately leading to demonstrations before the first fact was confirmed.


What was apparent at the time, as I wrote in the initial write-up, is that this shooting was likely justified. Even those on scene decrying the shooting admitted the girl had a knife and was trying to attack another girl. That was confirmed via body-cam footage, which was quickly released by the Columbus PD.

It didn’t matter, though. The terrible takes had already gone forth, and they are continuing today despite there being undeniable evidence that the officer here saved another girl’s life.


Let’s talk about the assertions made in those last two tweets. The officer rolled onto a scene where a large girl, of which he could not know her age (nor was it relevant when she has a deadly weapon), was within seconds of stabbing another girl in the chest. The footage shows that, unequivocally. There was no time to try to tase her. Tasers are inaccurate at any range, they are unreliable, and it’s not uncommon for the barbs to not set, having no effect on the assailant. You also don’t have time in this situation to ask her to drop the knife or defuse the situation somehow. Quite literally, any other decision made by the officer here than to discharge his firearm would have likely resulted in the death of an unarmed, black teenage girl.

And yet, there are protests gearing up, and the officer’s life is about to be destroyed.

The amount of bad faith being spewed here is just astonishing. And while I’ve not really said this in the past, I’m really starting to believe that cops (especially in Democrat, high-crime areas) should seriously consider their life choices. Is this really a job worth doing anymore? I know, we need police, but they aren’t cyborgs. They have families and they reap the consequences of what’s being done in this country on a political and cultural level.


If an officer is going to be villainized, attacked, called a racist, and possibly lose his job (I highly doubt criminal charges are filed here) for quite literally saving another girl’s life, then what’s the point?

A large portion of our country have lost their minds. They are blinded by disinformation and aren’t even willing to change their minds when presented with video evidence. One woman I saw, after seeing the video, claimed that a “middle school” teacher could have handled the situation better. As a cop in America, if you shoot the “wrong” person, the facts simply don’t matter. That’s scary, and it should cause some reflection among those in the law enforcement profession.


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