Jen Psaki Isn't Even Trying Anymore, Relentlessly Lies When Confronted With Biden's Comments

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Yesterday, the White House made the stunning admission that what Joe Biden says isn’t to be taken as an official position of the administration after he called the border situation a crisis. In less partisan times, everyone would be in agreement that such a walk back and the reason given for it is insane. After all, the president is the White House. It’s his administration, at least ostensibly, and if what he says doesn’t matter, then what’s the point of having that person as president?

Well, Jen Psaki had yet another mess to clean up today after Joe Biden made some completely out-of-line comments on what the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial should be.

Today marked a new day for Psaki as it was the first time even some of her liberal besties in the pool of reporters gave her trouble. She was pinned down several times on the appropriateness of those comments. What was her response? Well, to lie, of course.

That’s a CBS News reporter who isn’t exactly hostile to the Biden administration pointing out the absurdity of the answer. According to Psaki, Biden wasn’t trying to weigh in on the verdict even though he weighed in directly on the verdict, going so far as to claim he knows the “right” decision and that the evidence is overwhelming against Chauvin.

There are two ways to look at this. Either Psaki is lying because she’s just that much of a hack and can’t admit fault, or she’s lying because Biden is a meat-puppet who doesn’t know what day it is and had no idea what he was saying. Heck, let’s go with both just to be safe.

Psaki was further pressed and things didn’t get better for her.

Any defense attorney will tell you that there’s no such thing as a real sequestration of a jury. Sure, the powers that be will do their best to prevent information from leaking in, but that’s not always foolproof. The proper thing for an elected official to do is to shut up until the verdict is reached. Instead, Joe Biden goes out there, probably having not even seen many of the arguments made at the trial, and proclaims how the jury should rule. It’s a gross abuse of our supposedly blind justice system.

Psaki isn’t even trying anymore. She’s gotten lazy and extremely comfortable with just lying, and can you blame her? Upon taking her position, the press praised her as a truth-teller. She’s since spent most of her time fielding softballs while attacking any reporter who steps out of line. Democrat privilege is a real thing.