Never Trumpers Suddenly Discover Democrats Are Democrats

Who could have possibly foreseen this? Some Never Trumpers are suddenly discovering that Democrats aren’t their friends, and the gnashing of teeth is just beautiful to witness.


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Yesterday, Senate Democrats followed through on Joe Biden’s push to “reform” (see: pack) the Supreme Court by putting forward a bill that would expand the body to 13 justices. That will be, you guessed it, be just enough to hand the liberal wing of the court an 8-5 advantage (yes, Roberts is part of the liberal wing at this point).

Well, that’s got Heath Mayo all up in arms. If you don’t know who Mayo is, you’d be forgiven for that. He was the brainchild behind a Never Trump conference opposite of CPAC in 2020 that featured such bright minds as Rick Wilson.

Wait, you mean Democrats don’t just exist to fluff the anti-Trump fantasies of a select few, former Republicans? Well, how about that.

This is so predictable that it’s almost uncomfortable to watch play out (see Never Trump Wanted Biden, Now They Get Him Good an Hard). Did Mayo not pay attention at all during the 2020 campaign? Biden continually refused to comment on court packing while the rest of his party salivated over the idea. Did he seriously believe that a senile old man was going to block those headwinds? I find that hard to believe. Rather, I’d guess Mayo and the rest of his Never Trump gang were perfectly aware that Democrats were going to be, you know, Democrats.


Never has there been a more pathetic political contingent than the hardcore Never Trumpers of 2020. These are people who proclaimed that voting for Biden was a matter of unity and norms, all the while Democrats were telling them exactly what they were going to do.

As they say, there are no refunds in politics. Well, unless you live in a state that can recall politicians, but I digress. The rest of us are stuck with Joe Biden and his party having control of the federal government until at least 2022, and they aren’t going to use that power to restore “norms” and make Never Trumpers feel warm and fuzzy. Anyone with the ability to think critically could have seen this coming and voted accordingly, but the mean tweets and all.


To be frank, we don’t want these people back, even as allies of convenience at some point in the future. Mayo and the rest of the hardcore Never Trump movement need to embrace their new friends. Perhaps they’ll learn something in the end.


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