Never Trump Wanted Biden, Now They Get Him Good and Hard

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My view on Never Trump has always been pretty simple. This is America, and people are welcome to vote for who they want, for whatever reason they want. If a certain contingent of Republicans felt Donald Trump was somehow uniquely terrible, to the point where he must be opposed against a liberal Democrat, so be it. I didn’t agree with it. I thought it was dumb, shallow, and short-sighted, prioritizing meaningless decorum over outcomes that affect real people’s lives, but at the end of the day, it was their vote.


With that said, one’s vote garners consequences. The same people who decided going full orange man bad by ranking “character” concerns over everything else don’t now get to avoid the repercussions of that decision. That’s what has made the last few days of seeing some Never Trumpers suddenly get squeamish about a Biden presidency so silly. What did they think they were promoting this whole time? Who did they think he was going to appoint? They know Kamala Harris is his VP, correct?

As I say in my above response, garbage foreign policy, specifically in the Middle East and Asia, was always part of the deal with a Joe Biden presidency. He was never going to keep the new Arab-Israeli alliance as the preeminent force in the region. The idea that Trump should swoop in over the next two months and save the Seth Mandels of the world from the consequences of what they promoted, directly or tacitly, is laughable. He’s not going to be able to do that, nor does he owe that to anyone. The reality is that once a new president is elected, foreign countries immediately shift their strategy. Arab nations know that Biden is coming for them and will seek to re-empower Iran. They aren’t going to cooperate as they would have if Trump had been re-elected.


In short, you wanted Biden? Well, you get him good and hard now.

Sure enough, it didn’t take Biden long to signal that he’s headed right back to the Obama status-quo when it comes to the Middle East. .

Look, if you cared about these issues, you should have voted with these issues in mind. Instead, Never Trump spent all of their time hand wringing over meaningless tweets, seemingly never stopping to ponder that a Biden regime would produce negative policy results. Worse, many convinced themselves Biden was some kind of moderate that wouldn’t dare change much. They are about to learn the hard way just how wrong they were. It doesn’t just stop with Israel either. Biden is already pledging to re-enter the Paris Accords and reinstate Critical Race Theory in government as well.


Note that these are things a Republican Senate can’t save the country from. The last set of squish Republicans under Obama have already passed legislation making a unilateral reentry into the Iran deal possible. The Paris Accords is an executive agreement. All the insanity that will now go on in the bureaucracies hinges on unilateral action as well. Biden will go nuts with executive orders on everything from immigration, to energy production, to climate change.

These are the consequences of valuing shallow, petty disagreements about “character” over actual policy results. And while some Never Trumpers are now begging for total party unity to ensure victories in the Georgia runoffs, thereby allowing the GOP to hold the Senate, perhaps they should have thought about that much earlier?

And while I’m sure I’ll end up screen-capped and sub-tweeted over this article, what I’ve said here is simply reality. Never Trump wanted Trump gone and now they have to face the results of that. It’s not going to be pretty, and yes, they own a part of what will happen.


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