Tucker Carlson Uses the Democrats' Own Words in Glorious Fashion to Counter Their Charges of Racism

In not-so-breaking news, Democrats are calling Fox News host Tucker Carlson racist again. This time, they are accusing him of espousing “replacement theory,” which is apparently super-racist and reason enough for advertisers to leave the network.


Tucker is obviously no stranger to controversy, and that includes going after left-wing sacred cows (see Tucker Carlson Causes a Great Triggering After Lambasting Our Woke Military).

There’s some serious sniveling going on in the above tweet. Imagine being such a beta that you go around whining about Tucker Carlson in an effort to get him thrown off the air. Heck, CNN has an entire division dedicated to that. Meanwhile, no one outside of Twitter knows who Legum is while Tucker is influencing masses of people, unafraid to go after Democrats or Republicans alike.

But these are the modern tactics of the left. They can’t win in the arena of ideas so they stoop to trying to destroy people via economic pressure. Of course, Tucker can’t be canceled, which led to him doing a segment last night in which he used the Democrats’ own words on supposed “replacement theory” to show how ridiculous their charges of racism are.


If you were alive during the Obama era, you probably remember the “demographics is destiny” push by the left. There was even a book written about it. Pundits on CNN and MSNBC pushed the idea all the time, and here’s a link to an article in The Washington Post saying it as well. Back then, it was seen as perfectly normal to suggest that white people would be replaced by a largely Democrat voting Hispanic population.

Now, that didn’t end up happening. As we saw in 2016, voting preferences shift, and even via 2020, we saw Hispanics vote more for Republicans than they had in a long time. The idea that there was some kind of foregone conclusion that white people would dwindle as a percentage of the population and place Democrats in a perpetual majority was always misguided.

Yet, it was absolutely an argument they made, and it wasn’t fringe. It was everywhere. Given that, how exactly does it make sense to accuse Tucker of racism for simply acknowledging the theory they originated?


Everything is stupid, and this is no exception. But it’s why you have to love Tucker. He’s always going to have the receipts ready to counter the illogical, hypocritical arguments of the left. The left has been pushing the replacement of Republican demographics for years as a way to proclaim they will soon enjoy perpetual power. They don’t now get to call people racist for acknowledging something they themselves came up with.


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